Weekly Business Quiz # 413


Q 1. Name the fantasy gaming app running an aggressive ad campaign during IPL founded by Harsh Jain ( son of Anand Jain of Reliance Industries ) and Bhavit Sheth. Apparently, Tencent is keen to invest big in this company

Ans. Dream 11

Q2. What is the 3S philosophy of N.Chandra of Tata Sons for restructuring of businesses under the Tata Group ?

Ans. 3 S stands for simplification, synergy and scale

Q3. Which tech major has launched a lite web browser for Android devices in India called “Internet” ?

Ans. Amazon

Q4. With which well known Indian designer would you associate the brand Balance ?

Ans. Rohit Bal

Q5. Where has Indian Railways set up its new high power electric locomotive factory in a JV with Alstom that was inaugurated by PM recently ?

Ans. Madhepura Bihar

Q6. Which global co owns 100 % of pen mfr Cello Writing Instruments ?

Ans. BiC

Q7. Who is taking over as the Chairman of the industry association NASSCOM ?

Ans. Rishad Premji of Wipro

Q8. Which car manufacturer has a mini-truck named Supercarry that competes with the likes of Tata Ace ?

Ans. Maruti Suzuki Ltd

Q 9. Why has Kerala State Human Rights Commission disallowed state govt employees to bring their children to offices during summer vacations ?

Ans. Disturbance to others and offices are becoming playgrounds


Q 10. Who had David O’Gilvy described as “that odious little jerk” when he heard Ogilvy’s agency was getting acquired by him ?

Ans. Martin Sorrell of WPP

Q 11. The word ‘Ritz’ is closely associated with the hotel industry. Oxford dictionary defines ‘ritzy’ as ‘expensively stylish.’ The word Riz is derived from the name of Cesar Ritz. In which hotel was Mr Ritz a manager in late 19th century where he made big changes ?

Ans. The Savoy Hotel at London

Q 12. 72 % of all the vessels sailing in the oceans have the flag of this country. This country has world’s biggest ship registry. Name the country.

Ans. Panama

Q 13. What unique business model is adopted by companies like Blue Apron in America and HelloFresh in Germany ?

Ans. Meal Kit where ingredients are prepared and recipe is delivered every day at home if you subscribe to their monthly service

Q 14. Name this Japanese e-commerce giant which also has other businesses like credit cards, a travel agency etc. It has recently got a licence to be a mobile operator in Japan. It owns Viber the calling app.

Ans. Rakuten

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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