Weekly Business Quiz # 409


Q 1. After TDP left the Union ministry, who is the new Union minister for Civil Aviation ?

Ans. Suresh Prabhu

Q 2. Which business group through its sports arm has acquired 50 % stake in the IPL franchisee Delhi Daredevils from GMR Group ?

Ans. JSW Group ( Sajjan Jindal)

Q3. Why the founder and CEO of Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd Narendra Murkumbi had to give up the top job in the company ?

Ans. Wilmar Group has taken controlling stake in the company

Q4. Under what brand name has Bisleri International launched a mango drink in direct competition with Parle Agro’s Frooti ?

Ans. Fonzo

Q5. Which business leader has put his weight behind revival of Rhythm House, a vintage records shop in Mumbai, which was one of the assets attached by the ED in the ongoing Nirav Modi scam ?

Ans. Anand Mahindra

Q6. India is making rapid strides in metro rail with 13 cities developing metro rail networks. What is the newly formed association of metro rail companies called ?

Ans. i-Metro

Q7. Which hotel chain is taking up upmarket bungalows and offering them to guests under the brandname “Townhouse 001” ?

Ans. OYO



Q8. In Google Labs, research on what technology is going on under “Project Bristlecone” ?

Ans. Quantum computing

Q9. Which place in Switzerland is called informally as the “Crypto-valley” because it is home to many firms ( 70 out of 90) dealing in cryptocurrencies and related activities ?

Ans. Zug Valley

Q 10. In which business is online retailer Zalando a market leader in Europe ?

Ans. Apparel

Q 11. Name this app which has 12 questions game show broadcast twice daily and gives away cash prizes . It has become a huge hit drawing 400,000 players daily. It has Quiz Daddy Scott Rogowsky as its host.

Ans. HQ Trivia

Q 12. In a bid to become profitable US retailers are reducing the size of their stores and focussing on goods that are hard to find online. Macy’s is selling several floors in its landmark Seattle location. Who is the buyer ?

Ans. Amazon

Q 13. With which company would you associate Bernard Arnault who is the 4th richest person in the world as per the latest Forbes list ?

Ans. LVMH ( Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy)

Q 14. Name the tech entrepreneur behind the startup fund “10100” ( Ten-one-hundred) that will invest in India and China.

Ans. Travis Kalanick  ( Founder of Uber)

Q 15. Which is the most popular free game on Google Play Store in the last 1 year ?

a. Temple Run
b. Candy Crush
c. Ludo King
d. Clash of Clans

Ans. C. Ludo King

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

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