Weekly Business Quiz # 407


Q1. Ethisphere has brought out a list of world’s most ethical companies 2018. Only 2 Indian companies figure in this list. Name them.

Ans. Wipro and Tata Steel

Q2. What recent move will stop trading of SGX Nifty in Singapore exchange ?

Ans. Indian exchanges like NSE and BSE will stop giving data to overseas exchanges like Singapore

Q3. Broadcasting Audience Research  Council has launched a new measure of measuring digital video across various platforms, what is it called ?


Q4. Ola has launched its cab service in a new country. Name the country

Ans. Australia

Q5. In the Union Budget presented by FM , in the new provision for capital gains on shares, the FM has given the concession of ‘grandfathering’ upto 31.01.2018. What is ‘grandfathering” ?

Ans. Clause temporarily preserving legislation which exists at the time a law is modified or a (tax) treaty is concluded (or modified). In this case, the capital gains on shares will be calculated only on profits after 31.01.2018, so that there is no retrospective taxation.


Q6. What disability made IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad make visual instructions and no words for assembling IKEA furniture ?

Ans. Dyslexia

Q7. Which Indian-American businesswoman has been named as an independent director of the cricket body ICC ?

Ans. Indra Nooyi

  • compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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