Weekly Business Quiz # 404


Q 1. Kia Motors is yet another foreign maker entering the Indian market. It will enter with a compact SUV and a compact sedan. Where is Kia setting up its plant in India ?

Ans. Anantpur, AP

Q2. Which Bollywood filmmaker has a YouTube channel and is soon launching an app with original films and TV series called “VB on the web” ?

Ans. Vikram Bhatt

Q3. Govt issued guidelines for Electoral Bonds today. Where and in what denominations will these bonds be issued 

Ans. SBI is the designated bank to issue electoral bonds of denominations Rs 1000, Rs 10,000, Rs 100,000 , Rs 10,00,000 and Rs 1 crore each with a tenure of 15days


Q4. Alibaba has been able to achieve a record 9.3 Bn $ of sales on Siingles Day in China. It attributes its growth this year to “FashionAI”. How does FashionAI help the shoppers ?

Ans. Presenting to the shopper the designs and fabrics suitable to the shopper using machine learning pricnciples

Q5. Which country has a policy to encourage book writing by buying 1000 books for any book and 1500 copies for children’s books to be distributed in the libraries ?

Ans. Norway

Q6. In December 2017, Marriott launched a campaign where they showed to the passers by on River Thames images of Eiffel Tower and Rome’s Colosseum on the night sky as a part of its ‘Travel Brilliantly’ campaign. What is this new technology called ?


Ans. ECHO by Lightvert

Q7. In 1909, which was the the agency that did first ever credit rating , it was an issue of municipal bonds ?

A. Standard and Poors
B. Moody’s
C. Fitch
D. Duff and Phelps

Ans. B . Moody’s

Q8. ____ guaranteed the quality of his merchandise in print, He allowed his customers to return purchases for a cash refund and offered the first restaurant to be located inside a department store. ______ also invented the price tag. Name this pioneering retailer

Ans. John Wanamaker

Q9. Which was the world’s first electronic stockmarket ? Until this came up in 1971 , open outcry method was used to know the bid and ask prices of stocks.


  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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