Weekly Business Quiz # 375


Q 1. In what way is IRBInvIT fund India’s first ?

Ans. India’s first infrastructure Investment Trust that is opening for public subscription from May 3.

Q 2. What is special about the YouTube channel Country Foods featuring Mastanamma of Gudivada, AP ?

Ans. She’s the oldest person on Youtube. She is 106 year old. her cuisine channel is very popular

Q3. Which Tata company has chosen a woman Chairperson from outside the family ? Name her.

Ans. Tata Communications Ltd, Renuka Ramnath


Q4. Who is the founder of this company and what is its business ?

Boring co

Ans. Elon Musk,  It is a infrastructure and tunneling company in US that will be used new way of underground transportation

Q5. Why does Apple produce human sweat in its laboratories ?


Ans. To test whether the iWatch causes any skin problems when exposed to sweat. So in order to create a skin friendly device they are testing with this laboratory created human sweat.

Q6. Which brand came up with this sneakers that has become controversial ?


Ans. Dolce and Gabbana..Some people have objected to “I’m Thin and gorgeous”

Q7. How much would former US President Obama be paid for a speech he will be delivering at a healthcare conference ?

Ans. US $ 400,000

Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan



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