Weekly Business Quiz # 372


Q 1, Along with Nano, which other successful model will Tata Motors withdraw as a part of its product rationalisation strategy ?

Ans. Tata Sumo

Q2. Indian Premier League (IPL)  is in its 10th edition this year. Yet, only 2 of its franchisees have turned profitable. Which are the two franchisees ?

Ans. Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab

Q3. After introducing Rs 2000 and new Rs 500 currencies, what denomination will RBI introduce shortly ?

Ans. Rs 200

Q4. Identify this bureaucrat turned CMD who believes in ‘ employees first’ and hence supported the employees in the Ravindra Gaikwad episode 

aswani Lohani

Ans. Ashwani Lohani of Air India


Q5. Who invented LED bulb and with which company was he associated with ?

Ans. Nick Holonyak, General Electric. He invented the red diode

Q6. Which company after the recent rally has become No 1 auto company in terms of market capitalisation in the US ?

Ans. Tesla Motors has a higher market cap than GM and Ford now

Q7. Which country’s postal department has taken up delivery of KFC as a diversification move to survive ?

Ans. New Zealand Postal service

Q8. In which country would investor Warren Buffett’s picture appear in the cans of Coke ?

Ans. China

Q9. Which cosmetics brand had to withdraw its ad for the copy ‘ White is purity’ because it indicated racism as per some ?

Nivea racism

Ans. Nivea

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan





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