Weekly Business Quiz # 371


Q1. With growing popularity of badminton in India, where is Yonex setting up a facility in India to manufacture badminton racquets and other equipment ?

Ans. Bengaluru

Q2. What gaffe has been done by the copywriters in the Telugu translation of this advt for Parachute Ayurvedic oil ?


Ans. They have advertised that (“the modern way to hair loss”) rather than saying the modern way to reduce hair fall.

Q3. Why are auto manufacturers offering massive discounst on some models only till march 31, 2017 ?

Ans. Manufacturers who have unsold stocks of BS-III vehicles are giving massive discounts to clear the stocks as only BS-IV vehicles will be allowed from April 1 , 2017 as per a Supreme Court order.

Q4. Which are the 5 airlines that have won the rights to operate flights to unserved/underserved airports under UDAN scheme ?

Ans. Air Odisha, Air Deccan, Alliance Air, Spicejet and Turbo Megha

Q5. Kotak Mahindra Bank has made a big splash of its digital offering 811..Why it has been named 811 ?

Ans. 811 represents November 8 , the day of demonetisation that is considered a turning point for India going cashless

Q6. What unique and rare asset does Virendra Singh Chauhan of Chhota Udaipur own ?

Ans. One share of Tata Sons Ltd is owned by him. Tata Sons is an unlisted privately held co. with almost all shares with Tata Trusts and Shapoorji Pallonji family only. It’s value is estimated to be nearly 1 crore rupees

Q7. Which country has India displaced to become the third largest market for domestic aviation behind USA and China ?

Ans. Japan


Q8. Which Central American country has become the first in the world to ban metal mining countrywide to stop environmental degradation ?

Ans. El Salvador

Q9. Which businessman has a project called Carbon War room that has the tagline “There is no planet B’ ?

Ans. Richard Branson

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan 

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