Weekly Business Quiz # 370


Q 1. Why has Hindustan Unilever filed a case against Amul for misleading advertisements ?

Ans. Amul advertisements say that their icecreams are made of real milk, where as frozen desserts ( such as Kwality walls of HUL) are made of vanaspati. HUL says that this was misleading and hence objectionable.

Q 2. Why has SEBI imposed a penalty and ban on Reliance Industries for derivatives trading ?

Ans. Reliance made unlawful gains by short selling Reliance petroleum shares in the derivatives market, almost a decade ago

Q 3. Why is the meat industry in Uttar Pradesh under trouble after the BJP govt has taken over ?

Ans. Yogi Adityanath led govt has issued warnings to close down all illegal abattoirs that form a large part of the meat industry in UP

Q 4. Which group has started a company called Guiltfree Industries to sell Indian and western snacks under the brandname TooYumm ! ?

Ans. RP- Sanjiv Goenka group


Q 5. After 20 long years of association which brand will no longer be seen in the attire of Australian cricket team ?

Ans. Victoria Bitter

Q6. What is Hungary government’s objection to the Heineken logo ?


Ans. The Red Star in the logo is seen as Totalitarian.


Q7. Apple has launched a special edition of iphone 7 in red colour. to whom will a part of the proceeds from the sale of this go ?

Red iphone

Ans. An undisclosed amount will go towards charity that work work for HIV/AIDS patients

Q8. To which state in Australia in energy crisis did Elon Musk make an offer that he would set up a battery of 100MwH within 100 days or free ?

Ans. South Australia

Q9. Intel rep Jim Kardash gave the tech Bluetooth its name. Why did he name it so ?

Ans. Bluetooth is named after a 10th-century Scandinavian king. Harald ” Blatand” Gormsson was a viking king who ruled Denmark and Norway from the year 958 until 985. There are many accomplishments credited to him, but greatest of all is that he united Denmark and Norway under his rule. Gormsson was also known for his dead tooth, which had a very dark blue/grey shade. It was so prominent that his nickname was Blatand, which literally translates from Danish to “Bluetooth.” Jim Kardash named the wireless technology Bluetooth because just like the King amde Norway and Denmark talk, this tech helps devices to talk to each other.

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 

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