Weekly Business Quiz # 369


Q 1. The Bharatiya Mahila Bank that was set up in 2013 will become part of another large public sector bank soon. Name the PSB


Ans. State Bank of India

Q 2. Who will be the Chairman of the the new entity formed by the merger of Vodafone & Idea ?

Ans. Kumaramangalam Birla

Q3. In what area is celebrity author Chetan Bhagat doing a start up and hence propose to leave writing for now ?

Ans. Electric cars


Q 4. Identify this reclusive Chinese entrepreneur. He co-founded two well known mobile phone handset brands. Name him and also the brands he created.


Ans. Duan Yongping co-founder of Vivo and Oppo

Q 5. This is David Rockeller Jr, who died recently at an age of 101 years. With which well known bank was he associated as the CEO for over 10 years ?

David Rockefeller

Ans. Chase Manhattan, now part of JP Morgan Chase

Q 6. In the latest Forbes billionaires list Bill Gates is 1 and Warren Buffett is 2 , who is the new No. 3 in the list ?

Ans. Jeff Bezos of Amazon

Q 7. In the context of stock markets, what does the term ‘ Risk on, risk off ‘ mean ?

Ans. Risk-on, risk-off (RoRo) investing describes a process where investors move to riskier potentially higher yielding investments and then back again to supposedly lower yielding investments which are perceived to have lower risk.

Q 8. Identify this logo. Clue : In the news for a large investment by Anil Agarwal of Vedanta


Ans. Anglo American

Q9. How do we know better a machine called Bankograph that was invented by Luther Simjian used only by prostitutes and gamblers to avoid face to face with tellers

Ans. ATMs

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan

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  1. Hi Team,

    I was looking for some trivia on Business news and stumbled upon your website. I must admit that the Quiz team has curated some of the best questions. Enjoyed taking the quiz. Cheers!


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