Weekly Business Quiz # 367


Q 1. Under what brand name does Salman Khan propose to launch a range of smartphones in India ?


Q 2. Which international airline will invest in a 100 ℅ foreign owned airline in India, a first after the change in policy ?

Ans. Qatar Airways

Q3. To whose vision has Renault’s Ghosn given credit for developing small car Renault Kwid ?

Ans. Ratan Tata’s Nano vision

Q 4. Under what brand name has Titan launched women’s ethnic wear ?


Ans. Taneira

Q 5. If S-Cross is from Maruti then from which co is V-Cross a. Toyota B. Isuzu C. Honda D. Nissan ?

Ans. Isuzu

Q 6. Which Hyderabad based OTC medicine was the first ever brand endorsed by former Indian captain Mohd Azharuddin ?

Ans. Zinda Tilismath


Q7. What technology was used by California based Feetz to design and make a size 28 shoes for Broc Brown who suffers from Sotos syndrome ?

Ans. 3D- printing

Q8. Which model of phone is being relaunched as ‘detox phone’ by HMD Global ?

Ans. Nokia 3310

Q9. Who does the advertising co WPP’s CEO Martin Sorrell fear most Google, Facebook or Amazon ?

Ans. Amazon because of the data it is collecting from consumers

Q 10. What important benchmark was crossed by Bitcoin recently for the world to sit up and notice ?

Ans. Its market price crossed the price of an ounce of gold

Q 11. Identify these two billionaires and their co which had a successful IPO recently ?


Ans. Evan Spiegel and Bob Murphy

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan



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