Weekly Business Quiz # 332


Q 1. In 1916, the Maharaja of Mysore and Sir M Visvesvaraya set up a factory at Mysore to extract oil from sandalwood. What iconic brand came from it ?

Ans. Mysore sandal soap

Q2. What was the value of the bet between Niranjan Hiranandani and Anil Ambani if Hiranandani did not run a marathon in May ?

Ans. One apartment in a recent development by Hiranandanis

Q3. Which company has launched NNNow dot com an omnichannel to sell all its fashion brands ?

Ans. Arvind Lifestyle Ltd

Q4. Under which brand has the following variants been launched :- Spyci, Pina Colada, Limonata, Fonzo

Ans. Bisleri from Parle


Q5. Iran has changed its contract for supplying crude oil to Indian refiners from CIF to FOB. Who pays for the shipping freight in each case ?

Ans. CIF stands for Carriage Insurance Freight and FOB stands for Free on Board. In the first instance Iran was paying and now India will have to pay under FOB.

Q 6. Identify this logo


Ans. Lafarge Holcim


Q7. Identify this logo..


Ans. Instagram’s new logo


Q8. Why were German consumers paid recently to consume electricity on a particular day May 8, 2016 ?

Ans. It was a windy  and sunny day thus causing high renewable energy generation that was more than the demand, so the grid enticed consumers by paying them


Q9. In which country is Glashuette, that is considered to be the largest watch industry outside of Switzerland ?

Ans. Germany, erstwhile East Germany

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter IndiaBusinessQuiz@go_mohan

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