Weekly Business Quiz # 319

Q 1. Which beer brand is promotting responsible drinking by using lines like “Moderate drinkers wanted “and “Drink less, dance more “?

Ans. Heineken

Q2. Which company has acquired the appliances division of GE for over 5 Billion $ ?

Ans. Haier Group

Q3. Which adult magazine has decided to stop its print edition and produce only its digital edition ?

Ans. Penthouse

Q4. To which city has GE decided to shift its HQ for focussing more on digital and also tax considerations ?

Ans. Boston

Q5. Twinings and two other tea cos in UK have stopped purchasing tea from which Indian co as they were short on health and safety for workers ?

Ans. The Assam Company

Q6. Which US magazine carried this picture on their cover recently causing controversy ?


Ans. Fortune magazine

Q7. Name the celebrity behind the garment and jewellery collection brand ” EK” ?

Ans. Ekta Kapoor

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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