Weekly Business Quiz # 318

Q 1. According to Morgan Stanley’s Ruchir Sharma BRIC is out , FANG is in. Expand FANG.

Ans. Facebook, Amazonn, Netflix and Google

Q 2. Azim Premji has been judged as the No 1 philanthropist for 3 years in a row. He is known to live frugally. What is his car ?

Ans. A pre-owned Mercedes Benz bought from one of his employees

Q3. Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian have 80 % of the share globally in a particular business. Carnival is the leader .Name the business.

Ans. Luxury cruises

Q4. Identify this former Google employee who was the lead developer for Gmail . He also gave the Google tagline “Don’t be evil”


Ans. Paul Buchheit

Q5. Where does Reliance Defence propose to set up its Naval shipyard ?

Ans. Near Viskhapatnam in AP

Q6. Under what brand name has the Tata group reentered the cosmetics business after 18 years ?

Ans. Studiowest, a private label by Westside

Q7. What is novel about this outlet in Nashville, Tennessee , USA ?


Ans. A coin operated car vending machine

Q8. In what business is Ms Hirami Kano and her family business kigurumi.biz is making waves in Japan ?

Ans. Making mascots

Q9. At what price point do the Netflix services start in India ?

Ans. Rs 500 per month

Q 10. Where has Tinder set up its first overseas office outside of US ?

Ans. Delhi in India

Q 11. Which western fashion brand has launched a Hijab and Naqab collection ?

Ans. Dolce and Gabbana

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan



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