Weekly Business Quiz # 250

Q 1. September 15 is Engineers Day, named after Sir M.Visvesvaraya. Where is a SAIL unit named after him located ?

Ans. Bhadravati, Karnataka

Q 2.With which failed pioneering E Com venture was the founder of Bigbasket V S Sudhakar associated earlier ?

Ans. Fabmart which later became Fabmall

Q3. “We want to see a generator and inverter free India.” – Which Union Minister said this recently ?

Ans. Union power Minister, Piyush Goyal

Q4. What has the Mukund Rajan committee on Corporate Social Responsibility computed the norms and rates for ?

Ans. Valuation of time devoted by corporate execs and CXOs volunteering for social causes

Q5. Which iconic Indian brand used to have the tagline ” If you have the inclination, we have the time”.? This company will be shut down soon.

Ans. HMT watches

Q6 .Microsoft bought Mojang for 2.5 billion $. What is Mojang known for ?

Ans. Minecraft , a video game

Q7. Apple Pay the new payment mechanism in IPhone 6 uses a contact less technology called NFC. What is NFC ?

Ans. Near Field Communications

Q8. Which IT services company is acquiring Trizetto for $2.7 billion ?

Ans. Cognizant technology Solutions ( CTS)

Q9. To which country does the new smartphone brand launched in India belong ?

Ans. Singapore

Q10. What is unique about the Proterra buses ?


Ans. Electric buses

Q 11. What radical innovation is Ford making with its 2015 F-150 truck to be released by the end of this year ?


Ans. Nearly made entirely of aluminium and very little steel. This makes it lighter and hence very fuel efficient.

Q12. Lamborghini will be soon launching Huracan in India. What does Huracan mean ?


Ans. Spanish bull is the right answer. Huracan is the God of wind in Mayan mythology and it means Hurricane in Spanish.

Q 13. Identify the man standing in front of Steve Jobs.

Jon Ive

Ans. Jonathan Ive, the ace designer at Apple

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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