Weekly Business Quiz # 237

Q 1. Vishal Sikka has been appointed as the CEO of Infosys. Prior to joining Infy in which global co was he a CTO ?
Ans. SAP

Q2. Coca Cola has launched a low calorie Cola called Coca Cola Life first in Argentina and now in Britain. What unique plant – based sweetener is being used to reduce the calories ?

Ans. Stevia

Q3. What surprising move has been announced by Tesla Motors that is making a lot of buzz ?

Ans, They have opened up all the patents on good faith to develop the electric car industry

Q4. Which global brand was the first company to feature a gay relationship in one of its ads ?

Ans. Ikea

Q5. Which is Brazil’s largest TV broadcast network ? Half the population of Brazil tunes in to it each day.

Ans. TV Globo

Q6. What is the name of the new programming language launched by Apple which makes it easier to write apps ?

Ans. Swift

Q7. Luxury car brands , If Lexus : Toyota, Acura : Honda then Infiniti : ?

Ans. Nissan

Q8. Which Swiss company wants to disrupt the watch industry by launching a self winding mechanical watch named System51 ?

Ans. Swatch

Q9. Which unit of SAIL had a bad accident leading to 5 deaths and several injured 

Ans, Bhilai Steel Plant

Q 10. Which company has come up with Powermat that will help in wireless charging of mobile phones ? Select Strabucks in US will have these.

Ans. Duracell ( a division of P & G)

Q11. Modi has made yet another new coinage. B4B. What does it stand for ?

Ans. Bharat for Bhutan

Q 12. Under what private lable is Flipkart launching a Tablet to compete with the likes of Kindle ?

Ans. Digiflip

Q 13. “Live for Likes” is the new tagline for which e-retailer ?

Ans. Myntra

Q 14. Which is the world’s largest best selling beer by volume in 2013 ? (Clue : It is a Chinese brand)

Ans, Snow 

Q15. CEO of which jute mill in Hooghly ( WB) was beaten to death by workers recently ?

Ans. Northbrook Jute Mills 

Q 16. What does the psychographic group “Yummie” stand for ?

Ans. Young Urban Male

Q 17. Which Indian IT services company is associated with FIFA World Cup with over 100 staff deployed in 12 venues ?

Ans. Tech Mahindra

Q 18. In networking lingo, what does SDN stand for ?

Ans. Software Defined Networking

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter go_mohan


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