Weekly Business Quiz # 236

Q 1. Which country has decided to include drug trafficking, prostitution and drug smuggling numbers in its economic output numbers from Oct 2014?

Ans. Italy

Q 2. Which fast food chain in India has started a fun campaign that says that Veg and Non -Veg do not mix in their kitchen or elsewhere ?

Ans. KFC

Q3. Name the Italian firm which has been producing sticker albums for World Cup Soccer since 1970. This year’s one has 640 stickers to collect.

Ans. Panini 

Q4. The first ___ soup was launched in 1873, when the founder Carl Heirich ___, who till then used to supply chicory to the coffee industry, started experimenting with drying vegetables and seasonings to preserve nutrition and flavour. Fill in the blank with a famous brand.

Ans. Knorr

Q 5. McKinsey has an inhouse network called GLAM. What does it stand for ?

Ans. Gays and Lesbians at McKinsey

Q 6. After having scooters positioned for boys and girls separately, which brand has been positioned as a unisex scooter ?

Ans. TVS Wego

Q 7. Which FMCG major had launched a biscuit brand called iBisc and it flopped miserably ?

Ans. ITC Ltd

Q 8. What is common to Nita Ambani, Nawaz Gautam Singhania, Bina Modi, Sarala Birla etc ?

Ans. All are wives of the promoters who have been inducted into the boards to meet the new guidelines regarding women directors

Q 9. Which country has surpassed US to become the largest importer of oil ?

Ans. China 

Q 10. Name the travel website where boh the Ambani brothers are investors, Anil first and now Mukesh.

Ans. Yatra.com

Q 11. Name the deodorant brand from McNroe consumer products.

Ans. Wildstone

Q 12. ‘ India Pale Ale’ is a type of beer. Why was it called so ?

Ans. Ales that are strongly hopped to withstand long voyages to distant parts of the British empire

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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