Weekly Business Quiz # 232

Q 1. The TIME name for the magazine is actually an acronym. Expand TIME
Ans. The International Magazine of Events

Q 2. Which popular slogan was given by advertising agency Soho Square for BJP in the 2014 election campaign ?

Ans. Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar 

Q 3. Who owns the trade mark Styrofoam used for making disposable cups, plates etc ?

Ans. Dow Chemicals 

Q 4. One winter night in 1905, Frank Epperson left a mixture of soda and water with a stick in it on his porch.What accidental discovery resulted

Ans. Popsicles

Q 5. Which MNC owns the brand name Chapstick often used as a generic name for all lip balms ?

Ans. Pfizer

Q6. Who owns the brand name Breathalyzer also called as Drunk-O-meter ?

Ans. Indiana University Foundation

Q7. What packaging material developed by Sealed Air Corporation has become a generic name for such packaging ?

Ans. Bubblewrap

Q 8. Jetski has become a generic name for personal watercraft. It is a brand. Who owns the brand Jet Ski ?

Ans Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Q 9. Annual meeting of which company is called the ‘Woodstock for the Capitalists’ ?

Ans. Berkshire Hathaway 

Q 10. Who has acquired the apparel brand Spykar recently ?

Ans. Future Lifestyle of Kishore Biyani


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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