Weekly Business Quiz # 231

Q1. Which popular app is developed by Iceland based Plain Vanilla Games ?
Ans. QuizUp

Q2. Name this Nobel prize winning American economist associated with study on human capital. He passed away today. RIP
Ans. Gary Becker

Q3. Why has the CEO of American retailer Target resigned ?
Ans. Theft of 40 mn members credit card data

Q4. What ingredient is being removed by Coca Cola and Pepsi for its harmful health effects ?
Ans. BVO or Brominated Vegetable Oil

Q5. What does the logo efए on the jerseys of Mumbai Indians stand for ?
Ans. Education for All

Q6. What is the real name of the blogger Fake Jhunjhunwala who has authored the book ‘ How to become a billionaire by selling nothing’ ?

Ans. Aditya Magal

Q7. As per new RBI guidelines, what penalty will be levied on bank depositors who fail to maintain min balance ?

Ans. Nil 

Q8. Which chain of veg restaurants was started by P Rajagopal ?

Ans. Saravana Bhavan 

Q9. In a multi billion $ deal who will acquire the Consumer Care business of Merck ?

Ans. Bayer

Q10. Who is the author of the current Amazon best seller ” Capital in the twenty-first century ” ?
Ans. Thomas Piketty

Q 11. Which is the largest selling beer in US ?
Ans. Bud Light

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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