Weekly Business Quiz # 228

Q 1 With which co would you associate Kalimati investments ?
Ans. Tata Steel 

Q 2. Which two cement cos globally are going.to merge to create the largest cement co in world ?
Ans. Holcim and Lafarge 

Q3. Who will become the second largest shareholder in Sun Pharma after the Sun-Ranbaxy deal ?
Ans. Daiichi Sankyo

Q4. Which logistics company has prescribed its drivers not to turn left as a company policy to save fuel and accidents ?
Ans. UPS

Q5.In which stock exchange is HomeShop 18 about to launch an IPO ?

Q6. Among IIMs A, B and C , only one of them is going to raise the fees this year. Which IIM ?
Ans. IIM C

Q7. Exposure by Michael Woodward is an expose of scandals in which Japanese company ?
Ans. Olympus

Q8. Which company has trademarked the phrase “with friends” and has used other companies over the use of it ?
Ans. Zynga

Q9. From April 3, USA has a new atomic clock that is the official time and frequency standard for the country. What is the name of the clock ?
Ans. NIST-F2

Q 10. After Satya Nadella took over, Microsoft has announced that Windows OS will be given free for devices below a certain screen size. What size ?
Ans, Less than 9 inches

Q 11. After PwC acquired Booz and Co, what is its new name ?
Ans. Strategy&

Q 12. What is the name of the virtual assistant which is included in the Microsoft Windows Mobile 8.1 ?
Ans. Cortana

Q 13. RBI has granted two companies banking licences. Name them.
Ans. IDFC and Bandhan Financial Services

Q 14. Identify the logo and the product category in which it’s a market leader.


Ans. Almonard , Industrial fans

Q 15. Independent India’s first voter Shyam Sharan Negi  is featured in a TVC. Name the advertiser


Ans. Google

Q 16. Identify this new device launched by Amazon.


Ans. Amazon dash. a device which can be used to place order on Amazon Fresh grocery store by waving the device on to the item’s code or by voice recording.

Q 17. Who is the Indian partner of this co in the health insurance business ?


Ans. TTK Healthcare


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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