Weekly Business Quiz # 229

Q 1. At a time when many companies are entering wearable devices market, which major co has decided to move out of it ?
Ans. Nike Fuelband

Q 2. In US 2013, rank the advertising spend in various media in descending order 

a) newspaper. b) broadcast TV c) Internet d) radio

Ans. c,b.a,d

Q 3. For excellence in what are the Mirchi KAAN awards given away every year ?

Ans. Radio advertising

Q 4. What is unique about the Indian site raftaar dot in ?

Ans. Largest Hindi search portal

Q 5. Successful in film placements, Castaway : Fedex, Ironman: Audi, Quantum of Solace : Ford, Skyfall : ?

Ans. Sony or Aston Martin 

Q 6. What is ‘masstige’ branding ? 

Ans. Masstige branding is a marketing term meaning downward brand extension. The word is a portmanteau of the words mass and prestige and has been described as “prestige for the masses.”

Q 7. Google has acquired Titan Aerospace. In what business is Titan in ?

Ans. Solar powered drones

Q 8, Which US co is paying up to 5000 $ for disgruntled employees to quit ?

Ans. Amazon

Q9. At a time when most Indian politicians are reporting more wealth, how come Obama’s income has dropped ?

Ans. Royalty from books has dropped

Q 10. Google Glass is going on sale for one day only ie April 15. What is its price ?

Ans, 1500 $

Q 11. What is often used in.place of icecreams in in ice cream ads so that they do not melt ?

Ans. Mashed potatoes

Q 12. Name the Indian born scientist behind the 1 $ DIY microscope which can magnify 2100 times.


Ans. Manu Prakash

Q 13. Which company has she taken over as CEO recently ?


Ans. Network 18 Digital

Q 14. Name this legendary British designer behind this and many other logos who passed away today


Ans. Wally Olins

Q 15. This is taken from a recent TVC.Name the brand.


Ans. Mother Dairy

Q 16. In what business is Gamesa in ?


Ans. Wind turbines

Q 17. Why is Archie in the news ?


Ans. He will die soon.

Q 18. This boy figures in an interesting TVC. Name the advertiser.


Ans. Dr Fixit from Pidilite

Q 19. Identify the logo. Who owns it ?


Ans. Heartbleed. Codemenicon


There was no edition of WBQ last week. I have been tied up. Sorry.

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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