Weekly Business Quiz # 223

Q 1. Which co is the world’s biggest maker of screens for smartphones and tablet computers ? It counts Apple and Sony among its customers
Ans. Japan Display

Q 2. Which country’s capital city has the Nay Pie Taw airport ?
Ans. Myanmar

Q3. Due to the collapse of which Japanese exchage for Bitcoins have Indians lost money to the tune of Rs 100 crore ?
Ans, Mt Gox

Q4. For a special line for which brand was Lady Gaga not only the endorser but also the Creative Director ?
Ans. Polaroid

Q5. For which brand of apparel and other merchandise does Mandhana Industries have an exclusive franchise ? 

Ans. Being Human

Q6. IITs and IISc are offering free online courses Ina newly started online course platform called NPTEL. Expand NPTEL.

Ans. National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning

Q7. Name the IAS officer who as the Executive Director of SEBI did the investigation and therefore led to the arrest of Sahara chief .

Ans. KM Abraham

Q8. Which unlikely company has designed a tamper proof smart phone where the data is totally secure ?

Ans. Boeing

Q9. Which popular Indian ecommerce site is run by Jasper Infotech private ltd ?

Ans. Snapdeal

Q 10. Google has launched a new service Oppia. What is it ?
Ans. An open source education tool

Q 11. Narendra Modi has proposed a Group of nations called ‘Sons of Sun’ where India will take a lead. What is this group supposed to do ?

Ans.Sons of Sun is a group of countries who have high solar energy potential. This group will come together to do R & D in solar power

Q 12. Arvind has tied up with Japan’s Goodhill. What will they manufacture and market in India ?

Ans. Formal suits

Q 13. Who has taken over as the new chairman of ONGC ?
Ans. D.K.Saraff

– Compiled by G.Mohan Follow on Twitter @go_mohan


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