Weekly Business Quiz # 224

Q 1. Which highly successful version of Windows will not be supported by Microsoft after April 8. 2014 ?

Ans. Windows XP

Q 2. Why are women’s rights organisations crying hoarse about the employment conditions for women cabin crew in gulf airlines like Qatar ?

Ans. Employment conditions regarding marriage and getting pregnant

Q3. 20 employees of which US firm were travelling by the ill fated Malaysian airlines plane ?

Ans. Freescale semiconductor

Q4. What is unique about the loan recovery firm Vasuli recovery ?

Ans. All women recovery agents

Q5. Vespa is going to launch India’s most expensive scooter Vespa 946. What is the indicative price ?

Ans. Rs 8-9 lakhs

Q6. Which retail chain conducted a contest on twitter with the hashtag#With50RupeesICanBuy that became a forum for voicing India’s problems ?

Ans. Big Bazaar

Q7. When tsunami struck Japan, developers from which Korean company went to Japan and created Line, a messaging app, in one and half months ?
Ans. Naver

Q8. Which are the only three major countries in which Google is not the number one search engine ?

Ans. Russia, China and South korea 

Q9. Who will operate the Mont Blanc single brand retail stores in India ?

Ans. Titan 

Q10. Which city has beaten Tokyo to become the most expensive city in the world ?

Ans. Singapore

Q 11. Under what sub-brand has Cadbury’s launched a chocolate-peanut bar in competition with Snickers ?

Ans. 5 Star Chomp

Q12. Where has McDonalds put this banner ?


Ans. on the Sweden-Norway border

Q13. In which category is this brand the world leader ?


Ans. Bananas

Q14. Identify this corporate honcho turned politico.


Ans. Jaidev Galla of Amara Raja Batteries

Q15. Identify this media baron and his publication.


Ans. Viveck Goenka , Indian Express ( Mumbai)

Q16. Mattel has launched an ‘average Barbie’ doll which is shorter and fatter than the original Barbie. What is its name ?


Ans. Lammily

Q 17. This selfie by the Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres is the most retweeted photo ever. It was not a spontaneous picture but a part of the product placement strategy of a brand. Name it.


Ans. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Q 18. Many AP politicians have their roots in business and run businesses in parallel. Match the politician to the business group

1. Y.S.Chowdary           a. Lanco
2. G.Vivekanand           b. Sujana
3. T.Subbarami Reddy  c. Panyam Cements
4. L.Rajagopal               d. Visaka
5. SPY Reddy                e. Gayatri

Ans. 1-B, 2-D, 3-E, 4 A, 5-C 


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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