Weekly Business Quiz # 222

Q 1. As per the new SEBI code on corporate governance how many terms of 5 years can a independent director be on BOD ?

Ans. 2 terms of 5 years each

Q 2. NTPC stock crashed due to a recent CERC order. Expand CERC.

Ans. Central Electricity Regulatory Commission

Q 3. Embibe is one of the top recruiters in IIM A campus placement this year. In what business is Embibe ?

Ans. Individualised coaching for IIT and CAT

Q4. Which company is behind India’s first Ayurveda journal ‘ Ayurveda Samvad’ ?

Ans. Dabur India Ltd

Q5. Which co has a TacOps team that swoops in and restores internet and telecommunications in disaster struck areas as a CSR work ?

Ans. Cisco

Q6. Name the Canadian Indian behind the group Fetopolis which publishes many online fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Ans. Raaj Kapur Brar 

Q7. Mark Zuckerberg appeared for a meeting with a VC firm in his pyjamas That firm got revenge with Whatsapp sale. Name it.

Ans.Sequoia Capital 

Q 8. In what business is Cloudnine a innovative startup based out of Bangalore ?

Ans. Speciaity Maternity Homes

Q9. Why Pizza Hut is being called PeeZa Hut after a recent controversy ?

Ans. An employee was found peeing in the kitchen sink

q 10. Which public sector bank has accused that the Finacle software from Infosys has led to a higher classification of NPAs in their books ?

Ans. United Bank of india

Q 11. Why did KFC not use its slogan ‘Finger lickin’ good’ in China ?

Ans. The Chinese translation became ” we will eat your fingers off ‘

Q 12 Which Indian city has recently inaugurated the world’s longest free Wi-Fi zone of 20 km ?

Ans. Patna

Q 13 .Bill Gates has invested in a San Francisco start up that is developing a Vegg..What is a Vegg ?

Ans. Vegetable Egg

Q 14. One of The founders of Whatsapp was turned down by Facebook in 2009. Now his creation has been bought by them for 19 Bn $. Name him.

Ans. Brian Acton

Q 15. In which country has a restaurant devised a pneumatic system to deliver burgers on the tables of customers at 87 mph ?

Ans. Christchurch, New Zealand

Q 16. How did DHL use TNT and UPS its rivals to deliver large packages with ‘DHL is faster’ written on it to very difficult addresses in US ?

Ans. Black packages painted with thermal activated ink were given to the rival cos. At a higher temp, DHL is faster underneath got revealed. Having accepted the packages they had to deliver. Publicity for DHL at a low cost.

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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