Weekly Business Quiz # 219

Q1.Mumbai monorail begins its commercial operations recently. Which City has the busiest monorail operations carrying 127000 passengers daily ?

Ans. Tokyo

Q2.In which City was the first ever motor show or auto show held anywhere in the world and in which year ?

Ans. Paris in 1898

Q3.Who has acquired the Motorola Mobility business from Google for 2.91 Bn $ ?

Ans. Lenovo

Q4.The same man invented heroin and aspirin in the same year. Name the inventor and the year. Via uberfacts

Ans. Felix Hoffman, 1897

Q5.Which Indian company owns the brandname Taral Gas ?

Ans. Petronet LNG

Q6.Who is the first celebrity to cross 50 million followers on Twitter ?

Ans. Katy Perry 

Q7.Besides India, which emerging market economies are included in Fragile Five ?

Ans, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil and South Africa

Q8.Why did Amitabh Bachchan stop endorsing Pepsi ?

Ans. As per Amitabh he stopped it after a school girl in Rajasthan told him why he was endorsing a drink that his teacher said was poison.

Q9.As per the recent Indian Readership Survey TOI is no1 in English on readership. Overall what is its rank incl Indian language newspapers ?

Ans. No 7

Q10.This audacious businessman says his company wants to surpass both Apple and Samsung. Name him.


Ans.CEO of Lenovo, Yang Yanging

Q11.In TVC of which product would you see these actors ?


Ans. OPPO Mobiles

Q 12.Identify this management Guru.


Ans. Philip Kotler

Q 13.This Hyderabadi is all set to become the CEO of Microsoft. identify him.


Ans. Satya Nadella

Q 14.Adidas created a store like a shoe box to promote their very popular Stan Smith range of shoes. Where was this store set up ?


Ans. London

The accompanying Facebook page of IBQ completed one year on February 2. This blog crossed 6,00,000 hits recently. Thanks all.


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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