Weekly Business Quiz # 218

Q 1. How does Google encourage its employees to volunteer in social projects ?

Ans. For every five hours of volunteering work done by Google employees, Google donates 50 $ to a charity of the employee’s choice

Q 2. Which former IIM Calcutta Professor and well known Management consultant has been awarded the Padma Bhushan ?

Ans. Mrithyunjaya Athreya

Q 3. Rajesh Saraiya has been awarded the Padma Shri today. What is his claim to fame ?

Ans. India’s first Dalit billionaire

Q4. RBI prints currency notes. Govt of India mints coins. What is the upper limit for currency denomination and coin denomination resply ?

Ans. RBI can issue currency notes upto a denomination of Rs 10,000 and GOI can issue coins upto a denomination of Rs 1000 as per the current laws
Q5. Who recently in a game of chess checkmated Bill Gates in just 9 moves ?

Ans. Magnus Carlsen

Q6. Which ad agency is behind the Congress election campaign with the headline “main nahin, hum” ?

Ans, Dentsu India 

Q7. Which Indian retail co has the tagline ‘Price”Less” Fashion’ ?

Ans. V-Mart

Q8.What unique innovation has been made by Indian co. Ventit that is being widely talked about ?

Ans. Pizza Box

Q9.Which brand has launched new flavours imaginatively called ‘ cookie dough’ and ‘ marshmallow Krispy’ ?

Ans. Oreo 

Q 10. Who has acquired the low-end server business of IBM ?

Ans. Lenovo

Q 11. When veg prices hit the roof, which brand ran a campaign saying ” Ab chicken sabzi se bhi sasta” ?

Ans. Godrej Real Good Chicken 

Q 12. RBI has announced that all currency notes issued before 2005 will go out of circulation from 31/03/2014. How do you identify such a note ?

Ans. Only notes after 2005 will have their year of printing in the back in small font size

Q 13. As per a Tholons survey of top off shoring destinations Bangalore is no 1. Mumbai has fallen from 2 to 3. Which City is in # 2 ?

Ans. Manila 

Q 14. Which country has announced ambitious plans to roll out 5G telecom services by which a movie can be downloadd in a second ?

Ans. South Korea

Q 15. Which MNC will be launching Pringles chips in India soon ?

Ans. Kellogg’s

Q 16. NSE has launched interest rate futures in the bond market. What are ‘ interest rate futures’ ?

Ans. IRFs are similar to equity futures. Here the future contracts of ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ are of underlying government bonds, similar to future contracts of stocks. The minimum contract value is pegged at Rs 2 lakh and initial margin which you have to pay upfront is around three per cent. This works out to Rs 6,000.

Q 17. Which American company has launched the INDIAN motorcycle in India ?

Ans. Polaris 

Q 18. HSBC set up the first ATM in India. Where was it done ?

Ans. Andheri, Mumbai in 1987

Q 19. He was the third president of the union formed in 1920. During his tenure, he fought with the management to appoint more Indians in key positions. In a letter written to the then Tata Steel chairman NB Saklatvala on November 12, 1928, he said, “One of the most important problems before the company is that it lacks senior officials from India. I have no doubt that if you go ahead with your policy of Indianisation of Tata steel, you will be able to ingratiate yourself with your Indian employees, your countrymen as well as with public leaders of all shades of opinion.” 

Who is he ?

Ans. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose


Q 20. With which chain would you associate Dr P C Reddy ?


Ans. Apollo Hospitals

Q 21. Karl Slym, MD Tata Motors, RIP. When Karl was heading GM India, he appeared in advts like this. Why did he have to appear in advts and reassure Indian buyers ?


Ans. Bankruptcy of GM, America

Q 22. This lady has been awarded a Padma Shri for her contribution in the Trade and industry category. Identify her and her company.


Ans. Mallika Srinivasan of TAFE

Q 23. Which company owns this trademark worldwide ?


Ans. The Smiley Company

Q 24. Which activist group ambushed Essar group for its mining activities in this unique way by putting a huge banner in its HQ ?


Ans. Greenpeace

-Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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