Weekly Business Quiz # 220

Q 1.  What household chore does Bill Gates do every night ?

Ans. Doing the dishes

Q 2. What was created by the London bakery Peek Freans in 1874 to commemorate the marriage of the Grand Duchess of Russia to Duke of Edinburgh ?

Ans. Marie biscuits

Q 3. CMD of which Indian PSU has written a book titled Management by idiots ?

Ans. NTPC head Arup Roy Chaudhury

Q 4. Which two cos in the tourism and hospitality space have announced a merger in India ?

Ans. Thomas Cook India and Sterling Holiday Resorts

Q 5. On which businessman’s invitation did Tiger Woods came to play golf at Delhi ?

Ans. Pawan Munjal of Hero MotoCorp

Q6. Who has acquired the Vaio division of Sony that makes and sells PCs and Laptops ?

Ans. Japan Industrial Complex

Q7. Municipal bonds of which US state has been downgraded causing turbulence in financial mkts ?

Ans. Puerto Rico

Q8. Why are condom makers in India opposing the recent National Pharma Pricing Authority order on condom pricing ?

Ans. A price ceiling of Rs 6.50 per piece

Q9. In which 3 telecom circles is the govt auctioning the spectrum in the 900 mHz band ?

Ans. Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata

Q 10. What important piece of tax legislation did Richard Stanger write as a 28 yr old working in Jt Committee on taxation in 1977 ?

Ans. 401 (K) plan for retirement benefits

Q 11 . In 1976, during lunch time at Delhi Cloth Mills, DCM, a group of six young engineers in the office canteen were discussing their work woes at DCM’s calculator division. Despite  all  having jobs that paid them well, they were an unhappy lot — they wanted to do more, riding on their own gumption. They decided to quit their jobs and start a venture of their own.What company or group resulted from this .?

Ans. HCL Group


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


  1. Sir,what I found after our team stood as runners-up at Tata crucible(Vizag) as well as at AIMA(Chennai) in a single year 2013 merely with a one year preparation, the beauty lies in your site is all questions are simple and short.Please Don’t deviate from the present format, Don’t required any Images in your site.In my humble opinion all quiz masters love this site just because to KISS it (keep it simple and short).


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