Weekly Business Quiz # 213

Q1 . What is the subject of the book “The TOI Story” by Sangita P.Menon Malhan getting released tomorrow ?

Ans. The Times of India 

Q 2. Which tyre brand has launched a special version of tyres to coincide with Dhoom 3 ?


Q 3. How has Chaman Lal of Sadar bazar New Delhi gained with the popularity of AAP in Delhi ?

Ans. AAP Caps

Q.4 What unique variant of Snickers was launched by Mars International in India first ?

Ans. 100 % vegetarian

Q 5. In the context of venture financing what is bootstrapping ?

Ans. Entrepreneur funding the venture with his own funds and borrowings from friends and relatives 

Q6 Who has acquired the asset management co business of Morgan Stanley in India ?


Q 7  In economics, what is “price gouging’ ?

Ans. a situation in which a seller prices goods or commodities at a level much higher than is considered reasonable or fair. This rapid increase in prices occurs after a demand or supply shock.

Q8 .As per their founders, what does the name Flipkart signify ?

Ans. Changing the way you buy

Q.9  For which Delhi based thinktank has Nandan and Rohini Nilekani donated Rs 50 crore recently ?

Ans. NCAER , National council of applied economic research

Q. 10  “Hello {{name}} ” is an example of a Mustache web template…Why is it called so ?

Ans. Because there are many moustache like { } symbols in this template

Q. 11 In programming lingo what is an ‘Easter Egg” ?

Ans. Hidden message that the programmer puts while coding which gets revealed with a unique command

Q 12. With whom did Dettol collaborate to carry out this campaign to promote kitchen hygiene ?


Ans. Mumbai 

Q 13. Identify these billionaire brothers and their company.


Ans. Samir and Sudhir Mehta of Torrent Group

Q 14. In US, the material used for making currency notes is a mix of cotton and paper. One exclusive manufacturer supplies this paper since 1879. Name the coImage.

Ans. Crane and Co. 

.Q 15. Identify this legendary designer who was known to be very superstitious.  _____ enjoyed playing with numbers. Number 8 became particularly magical. ____, situated in the 8th district of Paris, comprised, “behind the original little townhouse”, “a new eight-floor building – eight workshops – which was the double of another building, also of eight floors”, With its sensual form, the number also marked the contours of this revolutionary silhouette: “clean and curved, emphasised bosom, hollowed waist, accentuated hips”, evoking more a femme fatale than a fatality… 

Ans. Christian Dior

Q 16. Identify this company. In 1937, on a suggestion from Gandhi, Jamnalal Bajaj and Jeewanlal Motichand of Calcutta, acquired a faltering steel rolling mill in Lahore and expanded its facilities. The plant was lost when the subcontinent was partitioned, but the company was successfully reorganised in Bombay after independence

Ans. Mukand Ltd

Q 17. What did Chennai housewife Savithri Anandaraman discover in a bottle of jam bought in 2000, that has led to a compensation of Rs 40,000 by HUL to her in 2013 by the Consumer court ?

Ans. Glass pieces in the jam

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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