Weekly Business Quiz # 212

Q 1 Which audio electronics co started life as Labor W in Germany a few weeks after the end of WW II ?
Ans. Sennheiser

Q2. Govt of India is launching an Internet surveillance system developed by CAIR of DRDO. What is it called ?
Ans. Netra

Q3. Which Indian CM used to run a boutique called Psychedelhi at Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi in the 1960s ?
Ans.Naveen Patnaik

Q4. In the ’80s and ’90s Maruti 800 was in a seller’s market. So it produced more than 50 % of its cars in one colour. Name the colour.
Ans. White 

Q5. Michael Bloomberg after laying down office as mayor of New York is starting a consultancy called Bloomberg associates. What will it do ?
Ans. Urban planning and advisory for undertaking projects similar to the ones done in New York across the world

Q6. Government of India is launching a portal modelled on a UK site, which wants to be the ‘makemytrip’ of the job world. What is its name ?
Ans. National Career Service 

Q7. President Obama recently used The Gatsby curve in his speech, an economics concept based on the novel by Scott Fitzgerald. What is Gatsby curve ?
Ans. Gatsby curve is a graph that shows relationship between inequality and intergenerational social immobility in various countries

Q 8. Who will be marketing Shelcal a popular calcium supplement in the Indian market ?
Ans. Torrent Pharma

Q 9. What is the reclassified Internet speed as defined by TRAI in India applicable from October 2013 ?
Ans. 512 kbps

Q10. What is the new name for Bengaluru International Airport 
Ans. Kempegowda International airport

Q 11. The founder of this group upset about poor quality produced by his factory, ordered burning of 150,000 phones, fax machines and other devices in front of its employees way back in 1995…today this company is a global leader in many electronics categories. Name the company.

Ans. Samsung

Q 12. Against which sports celebrity is there a summons from Economic offences wing for being involved in the Qnet multilevel marketing scam .

Ans. Michael Ferreira

Q 13. If Kolkata has its KC Das Rossogollas, Hyderabad has Karachi Bakery biscuits, Coimbatore has its Krishna Sweets Mysurpa, Pune has its ___________ Chiwda . Fill in the blank with a brand name

Ans. Laxminarayan

Q 14. Philips has had a turnaround by banking on innovation and relevance. What did they change the device which made soya milk in China for the France market ?

Ans. Soup maker

Q 15. This US insurance company was created more than 150 years ago and named after the most active volcano in Europe then. Name the company.

Ans. Aetna based on Mt Etna

Q 16. To cater to the growing traffic from china and. India where has Google set up two large data centres in Asia ?

Ans. Taiwan and Singapore

Q 17. Which corporate entity was the owner of the Aston Martin involved in a car crash at Peddar Road, Mumbai recently ?

Ans. Reliance Ports

Q 18. States are promoting themselves as investment destinations. If Gujarat is vibrant! then Punjab is ?

Ans. Progressive Punjab

Q 19. Arrange the following Crude Oil carriers from the smallest to the biggest :

a) Very Large Crude Carrier
b) Suezmax 
c) Panamax 
d) Aframax

Ans. Panamax, Aframax, suezmax, VLCC 

Q 20. She will be the first woman CEO of an auto major. Name her and her co.

Ans. Mary Barra of General Motors

Q 21. Srikantadatta Wodeyar, the last Maharaja of Mysore passed away today. He was a designer too. Under what brand name were his sarees sold ?

Ans. Royal Silk of Mysore

Q 22. Crawford market, Mumbai. What unique place this building has in Indian history ?


Ans. Crawford market was the first building to have electricity in India in 1882..Taj hotel came up in 1903.

Q 23. This sketch was drawn on a napkin at the St Anthony’s Club , San Antonio, Texas in 1967 by its founders. This sketch was a business plan for which company ?


Ans. Southwest Airlines

Q 24. Connect the Queen to the Bombay Mix…


Ans. Queen complained that the guards picked up the nuts from the Bombay Mix in the palce

Q 25. Which talked about consumer ad is using the following script to break the stereotypes which women face in the workplace ?

While a man is a “boss,” a woman is seen as “bossy.” Men are “persuasive,” while women are “pushy.” If a guy works late, he’s “dedicated,” but a woman is “selfish.” A man who struts down the street is “smooth,” but his female counterpart is “showy.”

Ans. Pantene ( Philippines)

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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