Weekly Business Quiz # 211

Q 1. D.Shivakumar will become the head PepsiCo!s Indian business. Which MNC was he heading earlier ?
Ans. Nokia India and later Asia.

Q 2. A deadly drug similar to heroin is spreading wildly in Russia and Europe, it is called Krokodil. Why such a name ?
Ans. Krokodil is cruddy homemade desomorphine, an opioid drug, used (mainly in Russia and some Russian expat communities) as a cheap and very nasty alternative to heroin. Its effects are similar to heroin, though much more damaging because of the impurities present from the sloppy synthesis. It is called Krokodil because it damages the skin and makes it like Crocodile.

Q 3. What logo will the Indian cricket team, our men in blue, wear on their jersey from 2014 to 2017 ?
Ans. Star 

Q 4. One of the survey agencies which got its exit poll results quite close to the actual results is RNB Research. Under what name it publishes ?
Ans.Today’s Chanakya

Q 5. American Express was created by the merger of three companies. Two of the founders went on to create a well known co known today as a bank. Name it..
Ans. Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is the right answer. American Express was started as an express mail business in Buffalo, New York, in 1850.It was founded as a joint stock corporation by the merger of the express companies owned by Henry Wells (Wells & Company), William G. Fargo (Livingston, Fargo & Company), and John Warren Butterfield (Wells, Butterfield & Company, the successor earlier in 1850 of Butterfield, Wasson & Company).[1][2] The same founders also started Wells Fargo & Co. in 1852 when Butterfield and other directors objected to the proposal that American Express extend its operations to California.

Q 6. What popular image sharing service was created by Alan Schaaf in 2009 from a dorm room in Ohio University, Athens ?
Ans. Imgur

Q7. A group of Disney employees joined the Disneyland project as engineers and were dubbed Imagineers. Which Indian co uses “Imagineering” in advt
Ans. L&T

Q8. Mercedes-AMG GmbH, commonly known as AMG, engineers, manufactures and customises Mercedes-Benz-branded vehicles. Expand AMG

Ans. Aufrecht Melcher Großaspach

Q9. Why has Go Air filed a case against IndiGo airlines ?
Ans. Go air has charged that indiGo’s website Goindigo.in is misleading and taking away business from Go Air.

Q 10. Identify this power couple. One a tech entrepreneur! the other an author philanthropist. They meet each other at a quizzing event in IIT Bombay.

Ans. Nandan and Rohini Nilekani

Q 11. The slip-on shoes are commonly referred to as Loafers. How did it get this name ?

Ans. Loafer was the brandname given to the first slip on shoe designed by London based Raymond Wildsmith for King George VI to wear inside the house. This brandname became a generic name later.

Q 12. Shanghai is covered with smog. All weather reports talk about a specific reading PM 2.5 , which has reached alarming levels. What is PM 2.5 and what does it measure ?

Ans. Particulate Matter of 2.5 micrograms size – fine particles

Q13.  The South African cricketers wore pink helmets made in Jalandhar, Punjab. What is the brand name of this helmet ?Image

Ans. Shrey from TK Sports

Q13. Who is on the dining table with Alfred Hitchcock ?


Ans. Leo The MGM lion

Q14. Identify the logo and the service.


Ans.Google Compute engine, an Infrastracture as a service on the Clould launched by Google..It will compete with Amazon web services

Q15. Where does Accelerate a call centre company employing 20,000 associates have its call centre ?

Ans. From the homes of employees

Q 16. Which Historian first used the word ‘dismal science’ for the subject of Economics ?

Ans.  Thomas Carlyle

Q17. Which FMCG company in India has sent tremors among advtg agencies by asking for a sign-on bonus before the start of a campaign ?
Ans. Glaxo smithkilne
Q18. In trade finance, which currency has replaced Euro as the No 2 currency for global trade after US dollar ?

Ans. China’s Yuan

Q19. What companies are called Blue ribbon companies by fortune magazine ?

Ans. To make Fortune’s list of Blue-Ribbon companies, a company must appear on at least 4 Fortune lists in a calendar year. Those include: the FORTUNE 500, Global 500, World’s Most Admired Companies, 100 Best Companies to Work For, 100 Fastest-Growing Companies and CNNMoney’s 100 Most Desirable MBA Employers. For Most Admired, a company must either appear on World’s Most Admired Companies Top 50 overall, or rank in the top half of its industry to count toward inclusion on the Blue-Ribbon list.

Q20. After watches, jewellery, spectacles, what category is Titan entering now ?

Ans. Helmets

Q21. What is the name of the new company created by Tata Capital and IFC to fund renewable energy projects ?

Ans. Tata Cleantech Capital Ltd (TCCL)

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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