Weekly Business Quiz # 210

Q 1. Which site has beaten Facebook in terms of number of photos being uploaded daily ?

Ans. Snapchat

Q 2. What was the brand of pesticide being manufactured by Union carbide at Bhopal 29 years ago which released the chemical MIC causing disaster  ?

Ans. Sevin

Q 3. Which is India’s largest accredited stem cell banking company ?

Ans. Lifecell

Q4.In E-commerce what are Black friday and Cyber Monday ?

Ans.  Black Friday is the day before Thanksgiving when there are large discounts on products for which there serpentine queues at retail shops. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving day

Q 5. What is Amazon’s service for delivering within 30 minutes called ?

Ans. Prime Air ( Drone services)

Q 6. This MNC was brought to India by none other than Jawaharlal Nehru in 1951. It ruled the market with an 80 % market share for nearly 2 decades. It started facing charges that it was bringing in old machines and leasing to govt departments at exorbitant rates. In 1977, it refused dilution of its equity because of FERA and left India. It came back again in 1992 in a JV with Tatas. Today the company is on its own and is one of the largest MNC employers in India with over 100,000 employees. Name the co.

Ans. IBM

Q 7. In early ’90s which company had launched a potato chips brand called Binnie’s with the tagline ‘Humko Binnie’s Mangta’ ? The launch was very successful but the company could not keep up with the competition.

Ans. Jagatjit Industries Ltd.

Q 8. It was started by a journalist, social reformer, freedom fighter K.Nageswara Pantutu in 1893 in Mumbai. Even today Bombay is inscribed on its lid. This pain balm was popularised by distributing it free-of-cost in music concerts. Apart from shifting its HQ to Chennai nothing much has changed with the company. The company entered call centre and fruit drinks business, but it is still known for its pain balm. Name the company/brand.

Ans. Amrutanjan

Q9. As winter sets in, more and more people particularly in eastern parts of India would be looking for the familiar green tube of Boroline antiseptic cream. This cream is manufactured by a GD Pharmaceuticals Ltd , a company almost known for Boroline only. What does GD stand for ?

Ans. Gourmohan Dutta

Q 10. Which chemical co had introduced this brand Captain Cook in the ’90s ? This brand using free flowing salt as a USP gave a good fight to Tata salt. The brand was later acquired by HUL.

Ans. DCW Ltd

Q 11. In The upcoming Martin Scorcese film The Wolf of Wall Street which real life character is played by Leonardo Dicaprio ?

Ans. Jordan Belfort

Q 12. Name this historic paper company. It was set up in 1938 by the Hyderabad Nizam in a place which was named after paper in urdu. It changed hands a few times. Since 1994 it is run by the Poddars

Ans. Sirpur Paper Mills Ltd..

Q 13. Which country has been recently removed from the exclusive club which has AAA ratings from all the three rating agencies S & P, Moody’s and Fitch ? It has been downgraded by S & P.

Ans. Netherlands

Q 13. The Prestige Microchef Pressure cooker an innovation from Prestige sells well in Japan and in USA but it has flopped miserably in India. Why has it failed as analysed by the company ?

Ans. Indians do not wish to cook in plastic cookware

Q 14. Which Indian real estate group has acquired a property in London from Canadian high commission for property development ?

Ans. Lodha Group

Q 15.Which bureaucrat turned entrepreneur has authored the book ‘ DRIVEN’ which is being released shortly ?

Ans. Jagdish Khattar

Q 16. After Australia, which country has recently asked the cigarette mfrs to sell them in plain packs only ?

Ans. Great Britain

Q 17. Name this Indian brand of drinks from Hector Beverages available in four flavours Aamras, Jaljeera, Jamun Kala Khatta and Kokum.

Ans. Paper Boat

Q 18. What unique offer is being made by a restaurant named Abu Ghosh a Arab Israeli restaurant near Jerusalem ?

Ans. Discount of 50 % fro keeping the mobile phone switched off

Q 19. What important milestone has the price of Bitcoin crossed recently ?

Ans. 1000 $

Q 20. Which leading business house has decided to withdraw its application for a banking licence and RBI has accepted the same ?

Ans. Tatas

Q21. In a surprising move, Samsung the world leader in Android phones has decided to throw its weight behind a new operating system. Name the operating system.

Ans. Tizen

Q 22. Name the Indian American who will take over as the president of the global rating agency Standard and Poors.

Ans. Neeraj Sahai

Q 23. Amar Chitra Katha is launching a title on the life of Verghese Kurien on his 92nd anniversary. Where is it being launched ?

Ans. IRMA, Anand

Q 24. Identify this businesswoman and her company


Ans. Asha Gupta, Tupperware

Q 25. Name the Indian business group associated with these cos sometime or the other.


Ans. Khataus

 Q 26. This drink will soon be launched in India. It is being called a Foreign Made Indian Liquor. Why ?









Ans. The composition of Honey based alcoholic drink, Madhu Madya,  is mentioned in Rig Veda…this brand Stakliskes happens to be from Lithuania and the parent company holds the patent for Honey based drinks..they are launching at India Intl trade fair in Delhi this coming December

Q 27. What is this character promoted by Kone called ?



Ans. Liftman


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan




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