Weekly Business Quiz # 208

Q 1. Who owns the following media properties ; Showtime, Smithsonian Channel, NFL.com , Jeopardy, 60 Minutes ?

Ans. CBS

Q 2. What is the most sought after private jet ? It has a sticker price of 65 Mn $ and is booked upto 2017.

Ans. GulfStream G650

Q 3. When Indra Nooyi was CFO at PepsiCo while making her official speech to introduce guest speaker Harry Belafonte what did she do ?

Ans. She started singing a Belafonte song where a number of employees also joined her.

Q 4. Which job offer did Indra Nooyi refuse to take up the offer from PepsiCo ?

Ans. Job offer from Jack Welch of GE

Q5. Besides being freedom fighters what is common to Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, CR Das and Rajendra Prasad ?

Ans. Mayors of Indian cities

Q 6. Which telecom co in India has started using Auto drivers, milk and newspaper vendors for selling mobile recharge ?

Ans. Uninor

Q7. Which popular site started life as a dating site called ‘Tune In Hook Up” but the site was abandoned after it did not generate interest ?

Ans. YouTube.

Q8. A study conducted last year estimated that nearly 40,000 active companies generating annual revenue of $ 2.7 Tn can trace their roots to ___ University. fill in the blank

Ans. Stanford

Q 9. Who owns the iconic Flury’s cake shop in Park Street, Kolkata which is soon to go national ?

Ans. Priya Paul of Apeejay surrendra Group

Q 10. Connect Badminton, Wine and Portugal …

Ans. Cork is the national tree of Portugal. It is used in shuttlecoks and as wine stoppers

Q 11. INS Vikramaditya , the aircraft carrier has been inducted into Indian navy after a 5 yr delay. What was its Russian name ?

Ans. Earlier Baku, later Admiral Gorshkov

Q 12. Identify him. He was the hot shot financial analyst during the dot com boom He was banned from Wall Street. He now runs Business Insider.

Ans. Business Insider

Q 13. Which tech major has launched 3D BUILDER an app that will allow to do 3D printing from desktops easily ?

Ans. Microsoft

Q 14. Which auto brand known for doing research on safety features is under fire in India for its design flaws leading to accidents in India ?

Ans. Volvo

Q 15.When Sachin is being hailed as God, which Indian industrialist has been hailed by Chidambaram being as big as Sachin ?

Ans. Ratan Tata

Q 16. Name this Marketing Guru who has said that Tata Nano is a positioning failure and has suggested that Tata Motors should kill it

Ans. Jack Trout

Q 17. Which Indian brand is the world’s fastest growing whisky (scotch) brand ?

Ans. Black Dog

Q 18. Where is the National Institute of Disaster Response coming up ?

Ans. Nagpur

Q 19. Which female lifestyle brand has been sold by Future Group for Rs 450 crore ?

Ans. Biba

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

The Weekly Business Quiz just completed 4 years. With an average of 800+ hits everyday, the blog doubled its total hits in the last one year. A Big thanks to all the readers and the people who are receiving the email newsletters. 


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