Weekly Business Quiz # 207

Q 1. What expression has been found to be universally used all across the world for someone feeling ‘confused’ ?

Ans. Huh

Q 2. Which online ticketing web site crashed due to heavy traffic for Sachin’ s last test match ?

Ans. Kyazoonga.com

Q 3. Kishore Biyani says ” If ___ has Beckham, we have Shikhar Dhawan. We are styling our campaigns on similar lines “. Fill the blank.

Ans. H & M.

Q4. He founded Blogger and sold it to Google. He co founded Twitter. Now he has a new platform for mid size writing called MEDIUM. Name him.

Ans. Evan Williams

Q5. ” Greatness has arrived. Will it be coming to you? ” is the tweet from Amazon for a much awaited product this holiday season. What is it ?

Ans. Sony PS4.

Q6. Swedish movies will have a new rating for which they have to go through the Bechdel test. What is it ?

Ans. Gender bias

Q7. Why is Apple making big investments in synthetic sapphire manufacturing and supply ?

Ans. Sapphire is stronger, more scratch proof and lighter than Gorilla glass, used in iphones and ipads

Q8. Which will be the first Bollywood film that will also be released in IMAX screens ?

Ans. Dhoom 3

Q9. Who will the first pop singer to perform from outer space sometime in 2015 on the Virgin Galactic spaceship ?

Ans. Lady Gaga

Q 10. Why is the stadium tickets for the ongoing Eden gardens test a collector’s item ?

Ans. Sachin’s photo and autograph

Q 11. RBI has recently said that it is possible for foreign banks to be treated nearly at par with national banks , if they become what ?

Ans, Wholly owned subsidiary

Q 12. In the context of social media, what is ‘astroturfing’ ?

Ans. An insider or a paid person posting as a neutral person

Q 13. Men like potato chips. Women like Chocolate. With these insights, which brand has come up with Chocolate Potato Chips ?

Ans. Lay’s Wavy

Q 14. Which channels belonging to Star network is being withdrawn in the mega relaunch of Star Sports ?

Ans. ESPN and Star Cricket

Q 15. What is the area in which fwd.us a lobbying group led by Mark Zuckerberg working on ?

Ans. It aims to lobby and advocate for its version of immigration reform, changes to the US education system to improve science and technology education, and the facilitation of scientific breakthroughs with broad public benefits.

Q 16. What unique service has been started by the upmarket underwear brand Dada ?

Ans. Underwear subscription service, which delivers fresh underwear every quarter

Q 17. Who is the author of the book ” The Descent of Air India ” ?

Ans. Jitendra Bhargava

Q 18. She was the largest selling Indian author in English before Chetan Bhagat. She is no more.RIP. Identify her.

Ans. Tarla Dalal

Q 19. The last of the Blockbuster outlets are shutting down. Who or what killed this once popular video rental service ?

Ans. Netflix which streams movies through Internet

Q 20. Water is essential for life, yet it is mostly free. Diamond has little practical use, but is dearer than life. What did Adam Smith call this anomaly ?

Ans. Paradox of value

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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