Visitor Survey

The findings from the just concluded Visitor Survey for the blog are being presented below. 110 persons responded to the online survey.

  • Majority of the visitors discovered the blog through Search Engines like Google (53 %).
  •  41 % of the visitors visit the blog atleast once a week, nearly 31 % visit it daily.
  •  The popularity of the blog is somewhat recent with 52 % havingvisited for the first time in the last 6 months.
  • An overwhelming 72 % of the visitors are interested in trivia of all kinds including business. Only 15 % said they were preparing for some competitive exams.
  • The most popular categories of Q & A are related to
  •                  1. Business Personalities               2. Indian Brands          3. Logos and Advertising
  • Legal Affairs is the least popular 
  • The average ratings on a 5 point scale were as follows with 5 being excellent and 1 being Poor
  •              Variety/Mix – 4.3
  •              Difficulty – 4.0
  •              Frequency of posts – 4.1
  •               Look and feel- 3.9
  •               Interactivity – 3.6
  • There were many interesting suggestions to improve the Quiz Blog, some of the more frequently stated ones include
  1. More visual questions including logos
  2. More classical quiz questions
  3. Improving interactivity by concealing the answer 
  4. Smartphone apps
  • 51 % of the respondents are Employed. Followed by 22 % who are MBA students
  • The 18-24 age group comprises 48 % and 25-34 age group comprises 29 % of the total respondents
  • 97 % of the respondents are from India. 61 % of the visitors hail from the Top 8 Indian cities.
  • The Top 3 places from where the respondents hail include

1. Bengaluru
2. Mumbai
3. New Delhi

Thanks once again for responding to the survey. The feedback will be helpful in improving the content and design. – G.Mohan

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