Weekly Business Quiz # 204

Q 1. BHP Billiton is a Anglo-Australian mining major. Billiton is named after the place where it had its first tin mine. In which country is Billiton ?

Ans. Indonesia

Q2. Which web site started in 2006 by a Huffington Post Founder is making waves with its ‘listicles’ ?

Ans. BuzzFeed

Q3. In Amazon meetings start differently. There are no PowerPoint presentations. How do they start ?

Ans. Silent reading a 6 page note for 30 mins

Q4. What does a ‘cookie cutter approach’ mean ?

Ans. A standard response, lacking originality

Q5. Indian subsidiary of which global car co will roll out its 5 millionth car today from its Chennai factory ?

Ans. Hyundai

Q6. Tata enters kirana stores business, by opening a convenience store under the name “Star Daily”. Which city was the first outlet opened ?

Ans. Pune

Q7. In which business are the following American web sites Devi’s Closet, Luxemi and Borrow it BIndaas ?

Ans. Sarees on Rent

Q8. Which company has been ranked no 1 in the most in demand employer rankings published by LinkedIn ?

Ans. Google

Q9. “The Everything store” by Brad Stone is a book about which company ?

Ans. Amazon

Q 10. What popular mutual fund product has evolved out of the work done by this year’s Economics Nobel winner Eugene Fama ?

Ans. Index Funds

Q 11. In which business are the following brands Clarins, LOccitane, Rene Furturer, Jean Claude Biguine, Franck Provost ?

Ans. Salons

Q 12. This was the oldest agency in India set up in Bombay in 1764 by two brothers John and Charles. It had interests in shipping, moneylending and trading. It was later passed on to the Wadia family. This company exists even today but in different business. Name the company 
Ans. Forbes and Co. Now part of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group
Q 13. Opium trade was very big in India in 18th century and early 19th century. One of the early forms of forward contracts was “ a commitment to buy a certain quantity of opium at a specific date in the future” .
What item/thing would they exchange as a mark of the contract ? From this the name of the contract is derived 
Ans. Cowrie ( sea shells)
Q 14. What was the flagship company of Tatas during the time of Jamsetji Tata ? He started it after returning from England in 1874. It was inaugurated on 1st January 1877, the day Queen Victoria was coronated Queen of India. So he called its main mill- Empress Mills
Ans. Central India Spinning Weaving and Mfg Co
Q 15. Name the bank promoted in 1865 by a group of Europeans. Though small, it was profitable and it did not venture beyond it’s main city for 23 years. It survives to this day. However its HQ has shifted from the city it was founded in.
Ans. Allahabad Bank
Q 16. Tribhuvandas Kalyandas Gajjar an M.Sc in Chemistry and his student AS KotiBhaskar wanted to use their knowledge for industrial application. They started producing chemicals used in polishing stones, toilet articles and some simple pharma formulations. B.D.Amin a rich landlord noticed them and joined hands to register a co in 1907. Name the company.
Ans. Alembic Chemicals 
Q 17. Which group with business interests in textiles, chemicals, finance, etc was a prominent business house and occupied 3rd position from 1965 to 1979 behind Tatas and Birlas. Today it is a completely spent force. Name this business house.
Ans. Mafatlals
Q 18. One of the early scams in India. The Govt appointed a special commission to look into the shady business practices and tax evasion in 1955. Its head was convicted and sent to jail. It was a prominent business house which had a meteoric rise and a disgraceful fall. Name the business house.
Ans. Dalmias
Q 19. He authored the book “ The visible Hand: Managerial Revolution in the United States”. The first book on Business History. It won the Pulitzer prize for history. He was a historian who joined the strategy deptt of HBS. He is famous for propounding that “ structure follows strategy”. Name him
Ans. Alfred D.Chandler
– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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