Weekly Business Quiz # 203

Q 1. One of the Nobel Prize winners of economics this year is famous for developing an index for home prices in US. Name the economist & index.

Ans. Robert Shiller, Case-Shiller Index

Q2. In the world of big data! how much data is a ‘yottabyte’ ?

Ans. 10 to the power 24 or 1000 to the power 8

Q3. The ‘prasadalaya’ of the renowned Saibaba temple at Shirdi has bagged an ISO 22000-2005. What is this standard for ?

Ans. Food safety

Q4. Only one of the 50 NIFTY stocks has a market cap less than Rs 10000 crores as of now.

is it a. NTPC b. DLF c. Jaiprakash d. Ranbaxy

Ans. Jaiprakash 

Q5. What is the phrase for ‘ distress experienced by employees about returning to work after weekend ‘ called ?

Ans. Sunday Night Blues

Q6. Connect ….Flame, Gauss, Wiper, Duqu, Stuxnet..

Ans. Malware used to attack Middle East computer networks

Q7. 80% of this drink comes from Kentucky, USA. It is named after a county, which was named after a French gallant family.

In India more famous as a biscuit. Name the drink.

Ans. Bourbon

Q8. From The Paris Herald to European edition of The New York Herald Tribune to The International Herald Tribune till y’day. What’s the new name ?

Ans. International New York Times

Q9. What kind of a condition is ‘cyberchondria’ ?

Ans. Checking the web for health info after some symptoms

Q10. 194000 candidates are.going to appear in CAT this year. How many IIM seats are up for grabs ?

Ans. 3335 seats in 13 IIMs

Q 11. Under what name is Hershey’s launching its range of Caramels ?

Ans. Lancaster

Q 12. What does the hurricane name ” Phailin” mean in Thai ?

Ans. Sapphire

Q 13. Some general insurance cos are launching ‘pay as you go’ policies for car insurance. How does it work ?

Ans. Premium paid monthly based on km used

Q 14. Which product of SAR group is endorsed by Sachin Tendulkar ? They have reaffirmed that his retirement will not have any impact.

Ans. Luminous water purifiers

Q 15 Which two hardware mfrs will launch Chromebooks in India on Oct 17th ?

Ans. HP and Acer

Q 16. Which Swiss watch brand has come up with a Sunil Gavaskar Limited edition now ?

Ans. Ulysse Nardin, famous for its clocks in most airports

Q 17. What is the one word for ‘ ignoring the person in front in favor of the smart phone ?

Ans. Phubbing

Q 18. Which Gujarat based IT company which was the main sponsor of the Vibrant Gujarat has become a big defaulter and seen as the next Satyam ?

Ans. Sai Info Systems

Q 19. Which Indian born American will become a billionaire when Twitter gets public soon ?

Ans. Suhail Rizvi

Q 20. Between which two cities is India planning for a bullet train for which the feasibility study is being carried out ?

Ans. Mumbai- Ahmedabad

Q 21. Identify the advertiser.



Ans. Ariel 

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan



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