Weekly Business Quiz # 202

Q1. Which small town in USA is home to 67 Coca Cola millionaires who have been buying Coke shares since 1920s and have kept with them ?

Ans. Quincy, Florida

Q 2. Which healthcare venture is funded by Azim Premji in his personal capacity ?

Ans. Health Care Global

Q 3. Which PSU had supplied critical equipment for LHC thereby deserving some credit for the Nobel prize in Physics this year ?


Q4. Which brand has replaced Thums Up as the largest selling soft drink in India ?

Ans. Sprite

Q5. Besides being Public sector banks what is common to Bank of India, Allahabad Bank, United Bank and SBI ?

Ans. CMDs are women

Q6. Which co recently lost its reign over the purple colour in a UK court against Nestle ?

Ans. Cadbury ( Mondelez)

Q7. After Enron went bust who owns and runs the infamous Dabhol power plant ?

Ans. Ratnagiri Gas and Power Ltd , a JV of NTPC and GAIL

Q8. Which cricketer will replace Dhoni as the new face of Big Bazaar ?

Ans. Shikhar Dhawan

Q9. What is ‘ Latte Art’ ?

Ans. Art made on coffee cup while poring cream over coffee

Q 10. After China which country stands No 2 as a.shoemaker of the world ?

Ans. Vietnam

Q 11Match the messaging apps to the country of their origin

a. Line b. Whatsapp c. WeChat

1. China 2. Japan 3. USA

Ans. Line – Japan, Whatsapp-USA, WeChat – China

Q 12. In economics, what do we call someone who consumes more than a fair share of limited resources or shoulders too little cost ?

Ans. Freerider

Q 13.Which celebrity couple are endorsing Prestige kitchen appliances ?

Ans. Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan

Q 14. With whom has Archaelogical survey of India tied up to offer 360 deg virtual view of India’s 100 monuments ?

Ans. Google

Q 15. What is the unique feature of Flutter a Indians promoted firm acquired by Google for 40 Mn $?

Ans. It can close apps or programs by gesture recognition

Q 16. As per companies act what is.the ceiling for.no of investors to which a private placement can be done ?

Ans. 49

Q 17. Which Ahmedabad based co has regd the MODI Kurta brand – mandarin collar shirts with an Indian twist ?

Ans. Jade Blue

Q 18. Which is India’s largest English language trade publisher ?

Ans. Penguin Random House

Q 19. ___ has made an “unprecedented decision” among automotive makers, it is eliminating the “cigarette lighter jack” and replacing it with USB ?

Ans. Hyundai

Q 20.Which Indian co will be the title sponsor for the New York City Marathon this year ?

Ans. TCS

Q 21. How is Tirumala Tirupati Devstahanams promoting walking among the devotees visiting the Balaji temple ?

Ans. A free Laddoo

Q 22. Which country is No 1 on global remittances for 2012 as per World Bank ?

Ans. India with 70 bn $

Q 23. What is the approx cost per episide of 24 debuting in COLORS shortly ?

Ans. Rs 3 Crore

Q 24. Match the Indian IT cos to their european acquisitions

1 TCS 2 Cognzant 3 Infy 

a Equinox b Alti c Lodestone

Ans. 1-b, 2, a, 3 -c 

Q 25. After wrinkle free trousers we now have stitch less shirts. Who has launched such shirts in India ?

Ans. Arrow

Q 26. Three of the top investors in Microsoft want to throw out BIll Gates as Chairman. What is Gates’ holding in Microsoft now ?

Ans. 4.5 %

Q 27. World economic forum publishes Human Capital Index. India is ranked 78th out of 122 countries. Which country is no 1 on this list ?

Ans. Switzerland

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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