Weekly Business Quiz # 201

Q 1. Name the IAS Officer who is incidentally a St Stephen, IIM-A alum who unearthed the Bihar Fodder scam.

Ans. Anil Khare

Q2. What is the subject of the movie ” Fire in the Blood” by Dylan Mohan Gray ? Clue: It has an Indian Business connection.

Ans. Indian pharma industry’s contribution to bring down cost of AIDS treatement in Africa. CIPLA is mentioned

Q3. With which company would you associate Colour Idea stores ?

Ans. Asian Paints

Q4. What is common to the iconic cars VW Beetle, Fiat 500 and BMW’s Mini Cooper ?

Ans. Iconic cars popular elsewhere but failed in India

Q5. With which Indian group has Polaris tied up to manufacture ATVs in India ?

Ans. Eicher

Q6. From which three streams of education are the Aditya Birla Scholars identified and awarded scholarships annually ?

Ans. Engineering, Law and Management

Q7. Who will become the first woman to become the Chairman ( chairperson) of State Bank of India after Pratip Chaudhuri retires ?

Ans. Arundhati Bhattacharya

Q 7. Due to the US govt shutdown many Federal employees will be on furlough . In simple words, what is a ‘furlough’ ?

Ans. Unpaid leave

Q8. In which highly successful TV series is Walter White a high school chemistry teacher who gets into Meth business and builds an empire ?

Ans. Breaking Bad

Q9. Apple has been rated as the most valuable brand for 2013 by interbrand. Which brand did it replace, a brand that was at the top since 2000 ?

Ans. Coca Cola

Q 10. Bitter Brew by William Knoedelseder is a book on the rise and fall of which major American company ?

Ans. Anheuser Busch, makers of Budweiser

Q 11. How did ‘Cappuccino’ get its name ?

Ans. Colour of the robes of the Capuchin monks

Q 12. Which brand has launched a TV which is supposed to have been co-created with Sachin Tendulkar ?

Ans. Toshiba

Q 13. Name the publication which was founded in July 1995 by David Talbot, often credited as the web’s first strictly online only magazine.

Ans. Salon.com

Q 14,What can you do by using the Google service goo.gl ?

Ans. URL shortening

Q 15. Which public sector co will implement India’s first chip fabrication facility to come up near Gandhinagar Gujarat ?

Ans. Hindustan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation

Q 16. What service was started by Google in 2002 when they realised their Search was not giving relevant results after 9/11 incident? 

Ans. Google News

Q 17. What is Project Columbus launched by Hindustan Unilever Ltd ?

Ans. Rural distribution expansion

Q 18. In M & A lingo what is a ‘Bear Hug ” ?

Ans. An offer made by one company to buy the shares of another for a much higher per-share price than what that company is worth. A bear hug offer is usually made when there is doubt that the target company’s management will be willing to sell.

Q 19. What is the difference between a ‘samurai’ bond and a ‘sushi’ bond ?

Ans. A Samurai bond is a foreign co making a bond issue in Japanese market and a ‘Sushi” bond is a bond issued by a Japanese issuer in a market outside Japan and denominated in a currency other than the yen.

Q 20. Fabindia is test marketing a cola based on an unusual ingredient in some Indian cities. What is the ingredient ?

Ans. Tulsi

Q 21. According to Kellogg’s in US only 36 % of adults and 60 % of children have breakfast. So what innovation has Kellogg’s done ?

Ans. Cereal bars on-the-go 

Q 22. In consumer behaviour what is ‘buyer’s remorse’ ?

Ans. Sense of regret after making a purchase, usually a high value item like car or house.


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @ go_mohan



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