Weekly Business Quiz # 200

Q 1. What is the name of the tool started by Google for creating and comparing Governments across the world ?

Ans. Constitute

Q 2. Why there may be little or no 0 % EMI schemes for buying gadgets and durables this festive season In India ?

Ans. RBI has asked all banks to stop such schemes.RBI is against the practice of banks tempting consumers to make big-ticket purchases by offering to break up credit card payments into EMIs.

Q 3. Name the businessman of Indian origin behind Fairfax, the company that has acquired Blackberry

Ans. Prem Watsa

Q4. Which video game launched recently has totted up 1 Bn $ sales in 3 days, which is the fastest by any entertainment property, incl films ?

Ans. Grand Theft Auto 5

Q 5. He is the richest Chinese. He owns AMC Theatres chain in US. He now wants to create a film complex bigger than Hollywood in China. Name him.

Ans. Wang Jialin of Dalian Wanda Group

Q6. Google has a new logo which does away with embossment and shadows. What font does Google logo use ?

Ans. Catull

Q7. The _______ Quarterly published articles on Enron as enthusiastically as Hello! runs pieces about the Beckhams. Fill in the blank.

Ans. MckInsey

Q8. Which husband and wife were the highest paid corporate executives in India last year ?

Ans. Kalanithi and Kaveri Maran of Sun TV

Q9. ‘ Grand brand ____’ by Balasubramanian and Ramakrishnan is a book about what or whom ? Fill in the blank.

Ans. Rajini ( Rajinikant)

Q 10. In arts or engineering, who is a Bricoleur ?

Ans. Bricoleur is a person who constructs and creates a work from diverse range of things that are available at that particular time.

Q 11. In which City has the Mahindras announced an engineering college in association with Ecole centrale of France ?

Ans. Hyderabad

Q 12. Margo and Neem were age old brands of Calcutta Chemicals..Now who owns these brands ?

Ans. Jyothi Laboratories

Q 13. In ‘Seven elements that have changed the world ” by John Browne, the elements are Iron, Carbon, Gold, Silver…Name the balance three

Ans. Uranium, Titanium and Silicon

Q 14. Which economist/market analyst is known as Dr Doom and why he is called so ?

Ans. Nouriel Roubini for his pessimistic forecasts

Q 15. In which business are the startups Industree Crafts, Rangsutra, Earthy Goods, Crafts villa

Ans. Marketing of traditional handicrafts and handlooms

Q 16. Which business magazine has been sold by ABP to an undisclosed buyer ?

Ans. Business World

Q 17. Who has been selected as the MD for Tata Steel after the current one H.M.Nerurkar retires ?

Ans. T.V.Narendran

Q 18. With which adult magazine would you associate FriendFinder Networks which has filed for bankruptcy protection ?

Ans. Penthouse

Q 19. In which business is the Google financed co CALICO getting in ?

Ans. Research on preventing ageing

Q 20. What does the suffix c in iPhone 5c stand for ?

Ans. Color

Q 21. Denmark is a country with a growing population of ‘freegans’ . Who are freegans ?

Ans.  Those who reclaim and eat discarded food.

Q 22. Why did Guinness a brewery get into the business of publishing Book of records ?

Ans. Sir Hugh Beaver, the managing director of of the Guinness Breweries got into an argument regarding which game bird is faster. As he could not find a reliable record for establishing it, he thought a book containing such records will be useful and started it in 1954.

Q 23. Which MOOC site will be offering the courses from leading UK universities online for free ?

Ans. FutureLearn

Q 24. Which town in Rajasthan is giving a good fight to Nagpur in the oranges market ?

Ans. Jhalawar

Q 25. What is the Guinness record made by Austin Coulson that has the Texas vanity plate ‘IM BIG’ ?

Ans. Smallest roadworthy car

Q 26. With which IT company would you associate Eliza , a blonde humanoid that can answer upto 1 lakh emails, and 67,000 phone calls every day ?

Ans. IPSoft



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