Weekly Business Quiz # 199

Q 1. “Smash it to pieces, love it to bits” is the ad slogan for which brand ?

Ans. Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Q 2. Which publication has the slogan ‘Capitalist Tool” ?

Ans. Forbes magazine

Q 3. What is the name of the Tamil newspaper launched by The Hindu recently ?

Ans. The Hindu ( written in Tamil)

Q4. Two of the uncles of Lawrence Summers, former Treasury Secretary and person to become Fed Chairman were Nobel Prize winners. Name them.

Ans. Paul Samuelson, paternal uncle  and Kenneth Arrow, maternal uncle.

Q 5. Chicken would soon become the largest selling meat in the world. What sells more than chicken now ?

Ans. Pork

Q6. What is the phrase for a good or product traded in the non-physical realm, typically in online communities and games ?

Ans. Virtual goods

Q7. As per the new Companies Act, what is the minimum number of women directors mandatory in a Company Board of Directors ?

Ans. One

Q8. Which Indian businessman’s IT account was hacked by a Hyderabad based CA student and has been caught ?

Ans. Anil Ambani

Q9. From which co has Hindalco picked up Mr Satish Pai as their CEO of aluminium business at Us $ 5 Mn per year, apparently highest paid exec. ?

Ans. Schlumberger

Q 10. Taking private, going public seems to be a cycle As Dell decides to go private which Hotel co is going public after going pvt earlier?

Ans. Hilton Worldwide..It had gone private in 2004

Q 11. What law in US makes it possible for TWITTER Inc to file for an IPO and yet keep its finances confidential ?

Ans. JOBS ( Jumpstart on Business Startups) Act

Q 12. Name this partner and friend of Warren Buffett, with whom he bought Heinz and also the richest Brazilian in the world. He owns 3G Capital.

Ans. Jorge Paulo Lemann

Q 13. What is unique about the newly launched Nokia 114 ?

Ans. First mobile with urdu capability

Q 14. Which American car major introduced Minivan as a separate category in cars, 30 years ago ?

Ans. Chrysler

Q 15. Why is RBI angry with people who make garlands out if currency notes in marriages and political gatherings ?

Ans. Defacing reduces the life of the currency

Q 16. Which bank has issued an advertisement in the papers that though it has no bank in its name it is a Scheduled Commercial Bank as per RBI ?

Ans. BNP Paribas

Q 17. What brand of food and bakery products are owned by the North Indian firm Mrs Bector’s ?

Ans. Cremica

Q 18. Which cement unit of Jaypee has been acquired by Ultratech for 3800 crore ?

Ans. Gujarat unit

Q 19. In HR lingo, who or what is a Boomerang ?

Ans. An employee who returns after quitting earlier

Q 20. Which new web-site/ network is positioning itself as the LinkedIn for Blue collar jobs like welders, technicians etc ?

Ans. Workhands

Q 21. Green shoots indicates first signs of recovery from a recession. Who and when used this term first in the economics context ?

Ans. Norman Lamont,then chancellor of the exchequer of UK during the 1991 recession.

Q 22. Who has acquired the Transmission and Distribution business of Hyderabad based Vijai Electricals ?

Ans. Toshiba

Q 23. Name this Chinese drink which is a white spirit and retails for 300 $ a bottle. It is believed to have been the spirit behind the Red Army.

Ans. Baijiu

Q 24. Which unusual player has entered the smart watch market by announcing NISMO ?

Ans. Nissan

25. Identify the logo and its businessImage

Ans. Lululemon Athletica, Yoga apparel






– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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