Weekly Business Quiz # 198

Q 1,.Why did its founders, Tompkins and Klopp name the outdoor products company ‘The North Face’ ?

Ans. Climbing the The North face of any mountain is toughest in the Northern Hemisphere 

Q 2. What unique pre-paid service has been started under the name Baron Eagle in India ?

Ans. Prepaid service for hiring planes and helicopters for HNIs and Corporates

Q 3. Which consumer products co is offering 10% discount as its leader for last 42 years Sri Gajanan Pendharkar celebrates 80th bday?

Ans. Vicco Laboratories

Q 4. About whom Jobs once said, “He has more operational power than anyone else at Apple except me” ?

Ans. Jonathan Ive , SVP of Design

Q 5. What is common to Tesla Motors, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp and Yammer ?

Ans. All cos floated by ex Paypal people, known as Paypal mafia

Q 6. Taj Group has created a recycling project for PET bottles thrown from their hotels in Chennai. What products are made out of them ?

Ans. Chairs and tables

Q 7. If the start ups area around San Francisco Bay Area is called Silcon Valley, what is the start ups area around Los Angeles called ?

Ans. Silicon beach

Q 8. In the book Barons of Banking by Bakhtiar Dadabhoy six eminent bankers in India upto the 1990s have been covered. Name them

Ans. Sir Sorabji Pochkhanawala,  Sir Purushotamdas Thakurdas, . Sir Chintaman D. Desmukh, A.D.Shroff,  H.T.Parekh & R.K.Talwar.

Q9. Why did young engineer Arul Kumar  from Salem receive a reward of $ 12,500 from Facebook ?

Ans. Identifying a bug which resulted in one member being able to delete another member’s photos

Q 10. Which co in news was set up by Fredrik Idestam as a wood pulp mill company 148 years ago?

Ans. Nokia

Q 11. Which coupon site got an overwhelming response to its onion offer at Rs 9 per kg even leading to the site crashing for 10 minutes ?

Ans. Groupon

Q 12. What does the Buttonwood column in the Economist magazine cover and how did it get its name ?

Ans.  It covers stock market.It got its name from the Buttonwood Agreement of 17 may,1792,the agreement so named after the tree individuals would gather under daily,trading stocks and bonds.

Q 13. The Union Telecom Minister Kapil sibal inaugurated EDUROAM facility yesterday on the occasion of Teacher’s Day. What is it ?

Ans. Free Internet for academics worldwide

Q 14. A school dropout from Gujarat who has made it big in trading, power and infrastructure. He is known as The Other Big A. Name him.

Ans. Gautam Adani

Q 15. What business term comes from the French phrase that means “pledge to the death” ?

Ans. Mortgage

Q 16. For what price has Microsoft acquired Nokia’s cellphone business ?

Ans. US $ 7.2 Bn

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan



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