Weekly Business Quiz # 194

Q 1. Over 100000 people have applied paying 38 $ for Mars One project. What is the offer ?

Ans. One way trip to Mars

Q 2. Which UMPP is.owned by the co Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd ?

Ans. Mundra in Gujarat , part of Tata Power

Q 3. Wade Groom, an employee of LaCoste Manhattan store lost his job because he posted something against co policy on Instagram. What did he post ?

Ans. Posted his paycheck

Q 4. Which airport is credited to have the first ever duty free shop in the world ?

Ans. Shannon airport in Ireland


Q 5. Chennai Express is officially releasing today. But some people have seen it and it has collected a record 6.75 cr. What is this called ?

Ans. Paid preview

Q 6. With which website would you associate the company BigTree Entertainment ?

Ans. Bookmyshow.com

Q 7. Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have created a new app called MixBit which people are watching with great interest. What did they found earlier ?

Ans. YouTube

Q 8. Which web major has launched a ‘ 30 days of change’ campaign after which it will reveal its new logo ?

Ans. Yahoo

Q9. As per the New Companies bill which will soon be an Act, Indian cos can face Class Action Suits. What are class action suits ?

Ans. A class of people such as shareholders can jointly file a suit against the company

Q 10. Owners of which popular Indian mobile handset co have been caught by CBI red handed while handing over bribe to MCD officials ?

Ans. Micromax

Q 11. Which Bollywood actor is the face behind the ‘Dark is beautiful’ campaign launched by WoW ?

Ans. Nandita Das

Q 12. Who is the.man behind JH Bevels chain of luxury salons ? Clue expand JH

Ans. Javed Habib

Q 13. Which co markets premium milk delivered to the likes of Mukesh Ambani under Pride of Cows name ?

Ans. Parag

Q 14. With which brand of soups would you associate Andy Warhol ?

Ans. Campbell soups

Q 15. What is common to Chetan Bhagat and the new RBI Gov Raghuram Rajan ?

Ans. Both are alumni of IIt-Delhi and IIM- Ahmedabad

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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