Weekly Business Quiz # 192

Q 1. Saregama has decided to stop manufacturing CD/DVDs etc and go digital. To whom have they decided to outsource their manufacturing ?

Ans. Sony

Q 2. Which international watch brand has a luxury range called Ananta ?

Ans. Seiko

Q 3. What will the TV programme/ website Power of shunya showcase ?

Ans. Innovations from India that will have minimum negative effects

Q 4.Which Indian CEO figures at No 3 on the Top 30 CEOs to follow on social media worldwide compiled by worldofceos com ?

Ans. Anand Mahindra

Q 5. Under what brandname has Sadanand Maiya the man who built MTR launched processed foods once again after selling MTR earlier to Orkla Foods of Norway ?

Ans. Maiya’s

Q 6. Name the Economist who coined the acronym BIMARU for backward states in a paper submitted to Rajiv Gandhi in the ’80s .

Ans. Ashish Bose

Q 7. Which retail chain owns the mult-brand multi-product multi-location service chain ResQ ?

Ans. Reliance

Q 8. A case study has been written by Harvard Business School on Kerala based Synthite Industries. In which business is the co in ?

Ans. Natural oleoresins 

Q9. Which two major holding cos in advertising will merge to create the largest advertising co worldwide and what will it be called ?

Ans. Publicis and Omnicom

Q 10. Which is the first place outside UK where Unilever has created Four Acres, a leadership development institute recently ?

Ans. Singapore

Q 11. Before Gmail was started by Google, it was a free mail service from a site named after a comic strip character. Google acquired it. Name it.

Ans. Garfield.com

Q 12. Large scale recall of which model of GM in India, has sent tremors through the ranks of the co and also made govt sit up ?

Ans. Chevrolet tavera

Q 13. Which manufacturer of liquid soap created an entry barrier for others by booking the entire supply of plastic pumps for 3 years ?

Ans. Minnetonka later sold to Colgate Palmolive

Q 14. What term was coined in 2008 by Dave Cormier and Bryan Alexander during a course called ” Connectivism and Connective Knowledge” ?

Ans. MOOC- Massive Open Online Courses

Q 15. With 30.7 billion $ in endowment, which is the wealthiest university in US ?

Ans. Harvard

Q 16. Name this largest employee owned ( not publicly traded) company in US. it also the most profitable grocer in USA.

Ans. Publix

Q 17. Who sent out 5000 telegrams with the msg ” The telegram retires today, with no plan for the future. Do you have a plan for your future ” ?

Ans. Birla Sun Life

Q 18. Which was the first ever drive-in restaurant way back in 1919 in California ?

Ans. A & W Root Beer

Q 19. Which are the only countries in the world where Coca Cola and PepsiCo products are not sold ?

Ans. North Korea and Cuba

Q 20. With which brand would you associate Flyknit a sock like shoe that is expected to enhance the performance of the athlete ?

Ans. Nike

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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