Weekly Business Quiz # 191

Q 1. Which player got the highest price in the Indian Badminton League auctions held yesterday ?

Ans. Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia

Q 2. In the context of Indian television, expand BCCC

Ans. Broadcasting Content Complaints Council

Q 3. Complete the tech industry maxim ” No one ever got fired for buying ___” with a brand

Ans. IBM

Q 4. With which anti-virus software would you associate Sachin Tendulkar ?

Ans. Kaspersky

Q 5. Who is the invisible man who makes the investment choices for SAFE, which has 3.5 Trillion $ funds ?

Ans. Zhu Changhong, the Chief Investment Officer of SAFE

Q6. Which car has been rated as the best taxi in the world by BBC’s Top Gear programme ?

Ans. Ambassador

Q7. Which brand has created a micro site thefuturegenius.com an edutainment site, even roping in Ruskin Bond to blog ?

Ans. Parle-G

Q8. What is unique capability of the street lights named Tvilight designed by NRI designer Chintan Shah ?

Ans. Street Lights which light up when someone is around

Q9. Between which two places did the Mumbai monorail make its maiden run today ?

Ans. Wadala and Chembur

Q 10. Which city in US is filing for the largest municipal bankruptcy in history ?

Ans. Detroit

Q 11. Which indie film by Anand Gandhi has received multiplex release thanks to support by Kiran Rao and a well thought out social media strategy ?

Ans. Ship of Theseus

Q 12. Who has dug in his heels in the stand off with the union that even if the unit is closed for 500 days labour will not get free ESOPs ?

Ans. Rajiv Bajaj of Bajaj Auto

Q 13. What is the unique proposal from the Dubai Municipal Corp to the residents in the ” Your weight in Gold” contest ?

Ans. 2 grams of gold if they loose 2 kgs weight in 30 days. There after 1 gm of gold for every kg reduced. This is to promote healthy life style

Q 14. With which e-commerce web–site has IRCTC tied up to launch its e-retailing business ?

Ans. Yebhi.com

Q 15.  Name the life insurance company which is 100 % owned by the battery maker Exide Industries Ltd.
Ans. ING Vysya Life Insurance Co
Q 16. Which premium high-brow weekend newspaper from the Times of India group will have its last print run on 20th July ?
Ans. Times of India Crest
Q 17. What is the term for a bond market investor who protests a country’s fiscal policies by selling off its bonds and refusing to buy them ?
Ans. Bond Vigilante
Q 18. Pagers peaked in 1994. After which pagers lost out to the mobile. But they are not extinct. In which industry, pagers are still being used ?
Ans. Hospitals
Q 19. What unique verification for payment is being developed by Finland based startup Uniqul ?
Ans. Face recognition
Q 20. References to which brand have been removed in the TV and DVD version of which brand has been removed from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani ?
Ans. Rooh-Afza
– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

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