Weekly Business Quiz # 189

Q 1. As per Ravi Venkatesan in his book Conquering the chaos , MNCs like Honda, initially succeed by catering to premium segment, later growth stops. What he calls this trap ?

Ans. Midway trap

Q 2. As per the Stanford Binet Intelligence test rank the following

a)Moron, b) Dull, c) Idiot, d)Imbecile in descending orders of intelligence

Ans. b, a, d, c

Q3. Who is the man behind Intl Premier Tennis League, inspired by IPL, which has the likes of Murray, Djokovic, Nadal, Serena Williams etc ?

Ans. Mahesh Bhupati

Q 4. Funds and fund managers are seeking alpha all the time. In finance lingo, what is alpha and how is it measured ?

Ans. Addl return over the benchmark index

Q 5. Name this luxury city where the male police drive BMWs and the female police Ferraris.

Ans. Dubai

Q 6. Rajesh Jain and BG Mahesh are going to be leading the social media campaign of BJP in elections. With which web cos were they associated ?

Ans. IndiaWorld and Indiainfo/ OneIndia respectively

Q7. How much does Twitter charge in India to create a trend on Twitter for an advertiser ?

Ans. Rs 5.5 lakhs

Q8. Who is slated to take over from Som Mittal as the boss at the IT industry body NASSCOM ?

Ans. R.Chandrasekhar

Q 9. Which iconic Indian IT company’s shares were traded last on 3 rd July in stock exchanges, due to its merger ?

Ans. Satyam

Q 10. Which company has patented a mail system where the e-mail can be destroyed from a remote location or it self destructs after some time ?

Ans. AT & T

Q 11. These couriers annually carry between 70,000 crore to 100,000 crore cash mostly between Mumbai and Gujarat. In Gujarati what are they called ?

Ans. Angadiyas

Q 12. The rights for which character and novels created by Bengali novelist Saradindu Bandopadhyaya has been bought by YRF and Dibakar Bannerjee?

Ans. Byomkesh Bakshi

Q 13, He invented the computer mouse, which sold 1 bn units. Yet he made only 40000 $ licensing the patent to Apple. He died recently. Name him.

Ans. Douglas Engelbart

Q 14. The former McKinsey India boss takes over as the head of UTI AMC. Name him.

Ans. Leo Puri

Q 15.India Post is one of the applicants for a banking licence. What important criterion of RBI licensing policy does this not satisfy ?

Ans. It is not a company regd under the Companies Act

Q 16. Which is India’s first Agriculture open and Virtual University and where it is located ? Farmers of all ages can do courses here.

Ans. Sri Arvind Open Agriculture and Virtual University

Q 17. Which famous fast-fashion apparel brand has the policy ” If a new style is not a hit within a week, it goes off the shelf ” ?

Ans. Zara

Q 18. What is the name of the budget airline restarted by Lufthansa in Europe ?

Ans. Germanwings

Q 19. There is a PSU engaged in procurement and transport of fruits and veg called Fresh and Health Enterprises. It’s a subsidiary of which co ?

Ans. Container Corporation of India

Q 20. Which company is facing a Public Relations crisis after their sacked PR Chief Charudatta Deshpande has committed suicide ?

Ans. Tata Steel 

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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