Weekly Business Quiz # 187

Q 1. Under what brand name is Titan launching fragrances in the Indian market ?

Ans. Skin

Q 2. 30 years ago on 25th June Kapil’s Devils opened the champagne bottle to celebrate World Cup win. What is the difference between champagne and sparkling wine ?

Ans. Champagne is a region in France. Sparkling wines from can be produced anywhere in the world, only those produced in Champagne can be branded such.

Q3. Which IIM will be for the first time have over 50 % of the batch as women ?

Ans. IIM Kozhikode

Q4.Connect the following brands – Domino’s, Max Life Insurance, Tata Nano, Airtel and Maggi…

Ans. Khushi/ Khushiyan is a term in all their advertising taglines

Q5, Which is the only PSU in the Top 10 cos listed as best workplaces in a survey conducted by ET and The Great Places to Work Institute ?


Q6. Lloyd’s of London is a world famous insurance market. How did it start of as in 1688 ?

Ans. Coffee House

Q7. Philip Rosedale created a company called Linden Lab in June 2003. This co is associated with a famous service that has now lost much of its traffic ?

Ans. Second Life

Q8. In recession marketers and consumers do “down-trading” ? What is “down-trading” ?

Ans.  Down trading is introduction of products with fewer features to bring down cost . it also means consumers shifting preference from products or brands with fancy features to a more functional one.

Q9. Which ad agency has won the largest number of golds ( among Indian agencies) in the Cannes Festival this year ?

Ans. Taproot India

Q 10. As Pepsi moves closer towards health foods and beveraes, under what brand name would they be marketing yogurt worldwide ?

Ans. Muller

Q 11. RK KrishnaKumar after his retirement on July 18 would join RNT Associates. What or who is RNT ?

Ans. Ratan Naval Tata

Q 12. Name this well known vocalist who is behind the online records label underscorerecords dot com.

Ans. Shubha Mudgal

Q 13. As Singapore sky is still covered with haze, all the residents are watching the PSI from their AC living rooms. What is PSI ?

Ans. Pollutants standard index

Q 14. What is the Effie effectiveness index award ? Who has won it this year ?

Ans. Marketing effectiveness award. Unilever in marketing, Coca-cola in brand. O&M in ad agency category.

Q 15. Ratan Tata is among the 14 business leaders who have joined Richard Branson’s Plan B . What is Plan B ?

Ans. to change way businesses are conducted and governed..seeks to infuse businesses with a new DNA that puts people and planet alongside profits.

Q 16. What is unique about the Samsung ATIV Q tablet launched recently ?

Ans. Windows and Android in the same tablet

Q 17. In which product category are the following brands leaders – Head, Yonex, Babolat, Wilson and Prince ?

Ans. Racquets

Q 18.Velcro has become a generic name for the hook and loop fastener fabric. How did the name VELCRO come about ?

Ans. It is a portmanteau of French words velour (velvet) and crochet (hook)

Q 19. What is common to Hyundai Accent, Skoda Fabia, Honda Civic, Chevrolet Aveo ?

Ans. These models have been withdrawn from the Indian market

Q 20. In corporate governance lingo, what is ‘Tunnelling’ ?

Ans. Fraudulent transfer of companies assets and profits to promoters who control the company affairs

Q 21. Name this American brand/ co which was the dominant telegraph co set up in 1851. It stopped telegrams in 2006. But is a global brand today

Ans. Western Union 

Q 22 .Between which two cities did East India Co lay the first telegraph line ? it helped them quell the mutiny of 1857

Ans. Calcutta and Diamond Harbour

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan



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