Weekly Business Quiz # 186

Q 1. Which UK newspaper will have an Indian born 29 year old as its editor ?

Ans. The Independent

Q 2. “Conquering the Chaos: Win in India, Win Everywhere” is a new book by Ravi Venkatesan. Which MNCs did he head in India ?

Ans. MicroSoft and Cummins India

Q3. Who is the new Union Minister for Railways ?

Ans. Mallikarjun Kharge

Q4. What is common to Organic food, Live Music, Hardback and Acoustic Guitar ?

Ans. All are retronyms. They were given the prefix after a variant was discovered.

Q5. Which is the world’s No 1 in terms of brand licensing globally ?

Ans. Disney

Q6. Times of India has entered the field of higher education. What is thus division called ?

Ans. TimesPro

Q7. From July 1, Mutual Funds in India will be colour coded on the basis of their risk and return. What are the three colours chosen for them ?

Ans. Blue- Low Risk, Yellow-Medium Risk and Brown- High Risk.

Q8. In which shipyard is India’s first homemade aircraft carrier being built ?

Ans. Cochin Shipyard Ltd, Kochi

Q9. PwC India has allowed ‘compressed workweeks’ for their employees. What does this mean ?

Ans. 40 hours in 4 days and taking 3 day weekend

Q10. When Bill Gates was asked what superpower he most wanted, what did he reply ?

Ans. Ability to read super fast

Q 11. Anand Mahindra, the current chief of M & M is the nephew of his predecessor Keshub Mahindra. Who was his father and which co did he head ?

Ans. Harish Mahindra , Mahindra Ugine Steel Co.

Q 12. What startup came out of its founder Phanindra Sama unable to get bus ticket from Bangalore during Diwali ?

Ans. RedBus.in

Q 13. MusicWorld is shutting down its last and the flagship store in Kolkata. It was a division of which company ?

Ans. Spencer’s retail belonging to RP- Sanjeev Goenka Group

Q 14. By acquiring Cooper Tires of US in the largest deal in India’s automotive industry, what will be the rank of Apollo tyres globally ?

Ans. 7th

Q 15. Which 160 year old service is being discontinued by BSNL from July 15 onwards ?

Ans. telegram

Q 16. Who said ” management works in the system ; leadership works on the system” ?

Ans. Stephen Covey

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter Handle @go_mohan


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