Weekly Business Quiz # 185

Q 1. Name this Indian frozen yoghurt brand started by GS Bhalla , having 25 outlets Indiawide and is a big hit on Facebook.

Ans. CocoBerry

Q 2. In the WWDC of Apple, the music streaming service of Apple was shown . What is it called ?

Ans. iTunes Radio

Q3. For what offence has RBI fined Axis Bank and two other banks a total of Rs 10.5 crores with Axis being fined the highest at Rs 5 crore ?

Ans. Violation of KYC norms

Q4. One of the reasons cited by this co while filing for bankruptcy is that Wal-Mart chose its competitor Johnson Controls over it. Name the co

Ans. Exide Industries

Q5. With which industry would you associate the annual event E3 ?

Ans. Electronics Entertainment Expo

Q6. Which company is behind the social message initiative DoRight aimed at children ?

Ans. Tata Capital

Q7. As per the proposed US Immigration bill what is the ceiling in % for foreign workers on H-1 B visas in USA ?

Ans. No more than 15 % of the contractor employees working in a US client’s premises can be on H-1 B visas.

Q8. Nissan Micra is sold as Renault Pulse. Sunny as Scala. What is this called in marketing lingo ?

Ans. Cross badging

Q9. Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn has put the co goal for the next 4 years as POWER 88. Why 88 ?

Ans. Power 88 is in effect from now until 2016, at the end of which time Nissan wants eight percent of global market share and eight-percent operating profit (hence the “88”). That would represent a 2.2-percent increase in market share and a 1.9-percent rise in operating profit versus last year’s levels.

Q 10. Who has sued the Forbes magazine because the magazine has undervalued his wealth by 9.6 billion $ ?

Ans. Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

Q11. In which bank’s board, a court case is on ‘ Kapur vs Kapoor ‘ ?

Ans. Yes Bank., Madhu Kapur vs Rana Kapoor for a board position for Madhu Kapur’s daughter.

Q 12. Luis Van Ahn , the man behind CAPTCHA, came up with ReCAPTCHA. How is this project helping in digitising 200m books every year, free ?

Ans. By supplying subscriber some images that optical recognition system is unable to read . ReCaptcha services offer words to humans to decipher which is then used for digitising books

Q 13, Expand CAPTCHA, the often annoying step we have to go through while submitting data on the Internet ?

Ans. Completely automated public Turing test to tell Computers & Humans apart

Q 14. Which country with 3,323 cigarettes per year has the highest per capita consumption of cigarettes in the world ?

Ans. Serbia

Q 15. Which Indian bank has decided to offer a choice to the customer for 10 of the 12 digits in their account numbers to incl lucky nos ?

Ans.IndusInd Bank

Q 16. Banca Etica a small Florence based bank is a unique type of bank. How is it different ?

Ans. It is an ethical bank which does not lend or do business with companies which are involved in activities like tobacco, liquor etc

Q 17. In the recent book ” The Billionaire’s Apprentice”  by Anita Raghavan, who is the billionaire and who is the apprentice ?

Ans. Billionaire is Rajarathinam and his Apprentice is Rajat Gupta

Q 19. Working in which co’s research lab did Heinrich Rohrer, father of nanotechnology, build the Scanning Tunnelling Microscope ?

Ans. IBM

Q 20. HUL has 10 brands that have more than Rs 1000 crore sales each. 3 brands entered this club in 2012. Name them.

Ans. Dove, Ponds, Clinic Plus

Q 21. Which city was voted as the no 1 city for the SOS Condoms service in an online survey on Facebook by Durex ?

Ans. Batman…this place was selected as a prank by mischievous elements

Q 22. Name this South based sweets chain known for its MYSURPA- a softer version of the traditional sweet Mysore Pak, that melts in the mouth.

Ans. Sri Krishna Sweets

 Q23. Name this research oriented telecom co that even had a Pure maths department ?

Ans. AT &T

Q 24, Which AMC has acquired all the schemes of DAIWA MF in India ?


Q 25. Which Indian co is the world’s largest vaccine maker ?

Ans. Serum Institute of India

Q 26. What unique service does Earth 100 offer to corporates ?

Ans. A car service that runs on Bio-diesel

-Compiled by G.Mohan Follow on Twitter @go_mohan


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