Weekly Business Quiz # 184

Q 1. Name this pioneer of e-governance in India who even taught Rajiv Gandhi computers and was DG of National Informatics Centre. He passed away recently.

Ans. Dr N.Seshagiri

Q 2. In the sports management firm Rhiti MSD Alamode pvt ltd what does MSD stand for ?

Ans. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Q 3. The now bankrupt Halsey Minor sold a tech co for $ 1.8 billion only 5 years ago, becoming a lesson in losing big money.Which co did he sell to whom ?

Ans. He sold CNet to CBS

Q 4. Niels Bohr the Physicist when he won the Nobel Prize also received a prize from the neighbourhood brewery, beer on tap. Name the brand.

Ans. Carlsberg

Q 5. Why does Narayana Murthy call Infosys his middle child ?

Ans. Infosys was born between the birth of his daughter and son

Q 6. Name this pseudo cereal which originated in South America which is gaining popularity among health food enthusiasts for low carbohydrate.

Ans. Quinoa

Q 7. Which is the world’s largest lottery company in terms of funds, in the world ?

Ans. Lottomatica, italy

Q 8. What connects Larry Elison, Michael Dell, Howard Shulz, Paul Allaire ?

Ans. Boomerang CEOs, CEOs who returned after retirement to their original co.

Q9. Which university is the first one in India to offer an MBA in court management starting this year ?

Ans. NALSAR University, Hyderabad

Q10. In order to concentrate more on TV and Digital, which business magazine has asked the entire editorial team to leave ?

Ans, Forbes India

Q11. Which Indian private pharma co was involved in the development of the ROTOVAC vaccine ?

Ans. Bharat Biotech International

Q 12. With which ad agency was Rituparno Ghosh associated as a copywriter before he became a Film Director ? Rituparno RIP.

Ans. Response

Q 13. In which international B-school does Reliance offers a Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship to MBA students ?

Ans. Stanford

Q 14. With which apparel brand would you associate the Japanese co Fast Retailing ?

Ans. Uniqlo

Q 15. On Sony, an analyst writes “Electronics is its Achilles’ heel and, in our view, it is worth zero,” What is its most profitable business ?

Ans. Insurance

-Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan



  1. Appreciate the effort to compile these questions. Will be useful for the Quiz club at my college – IBS, Hyderabad


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