Weekly Business Quiz # 172

Q 1. Which brand of water filter provided water to all the visitors of the Kumbh Mela ?

Ans. Tata Swach

  • Q2. What change can you observer in the masthead of The Economic Times newspaper today ?

Ans. Economic and Political Times. And Political is included.



  • Q3. 

  • Which highly respected infrastructure co has been banned by World Bank for 6 months for indulging in forgery ?

Ans. L & T

Q3. Why is Amazon closely watching Google Shopping Express service ?

Ans. It competes with Amazon Prime – same day delivery

Q 4. How or why did Google choose the name Chrome for its browser and other allied products ?

Ans. Chrome was the code name for the browser project. It was named so because the team leader loved fast cars. This name remained even after its launch

Q5. Approx how many applications have SBI received for the Probationery officers exam to be held in April 2013 ?

Ans. 17 lakhs

Q6. Whole Foods has announced that by 2018 all the food sold will have mandatory GMO labelling. What is GMO ?

Ans. Genetically Modified Organisms

Q7. What kind of a job is a 22-22-22 job in the media industry in US ?

Ans. A 22 year old working at a 22 hour job for $ 22,000 p.

Q8. The company Indian Oxygen became IOL Limited later became BOC India  limited. What is it now ?

Ans. Linde India Ltd

Q9. Who is the protagonist of the book Fallen Angel ?

Ans. Rajat Gupta

Q 10.As per the recent sales numbers of luxury cars in India what is the pecking order from highest to lowest of MERC, BMW, AUDI & Jaguar

Ans. BMW, Audi, Merc and Jaguar

Q 11. Which brand is behind the Red Rickshaw Revolution which is starting a journey from Delhi to Mumbai today showcasing + stories about women ?

Ans. Vodafone

Q 12. Which brand uses the tag line ‘mummygiri nahin chalegi’ ?

Ans. Tang

Q 13.What factor does the ‘glass-ceiling index’ computed by the Economist magazine measure ? Which country ranks no 1 in it.

Ans. It measures the ease with which a woman can get the top job in an organisation. New Zealand

Q 14. India’s first theme park IMAGICA is coming up at Khopoli Maharashtra. The man behind it has been labelled India’s Disney. Name him

Ans. Manmohan Shetty of Adlabs

.Q 15. With which International apparel brand would you associate Amancio Ortega, the world’s third richest man ?

Ans. Zara

Q 16.What is the unique feature of Amex’s ezeclick service that makes it safer on internet ?

Ans. By signing a ezeclick service, the user can avoid giving the card number on the Internet

Q 17. What is impact investing ?

Ans. Investments that besides giving return, makes social and environmental impact

Q 18. India has a DTAA with many countries, most notably with Mauritius. Expand DTAA ?

Ans. Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement

Q 19. In which city is the Taj Group opening its 100th property tomorrow ?

Ans. Gurgaon

Q 20. Huawei has decided to offer ‘phantom shares’ to its employees in India. What are ‘phantom shares’ ?

Ans. Phantom shares are notional shares issued to employees whose value mirror the shares in the country where it is listed. The difference in value of the shares is given to the employees as a part of compensation.  

Q 21. With Ranbir Kapoor becoming the face of Pepsi, what drink is Shah Rukh Khan endorsing now ?

Ans. Frooti

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/IndiaBusinessQuiz


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