Weekly Business Quiz # 171

Q 1. 5th generation Birla, Ananyashree Birla, daughter of Kumar Mangalam has started her business venture after turning 18. What business ?

Ans. Microfinance

Q 2. What % of branded liquor sold in India is accounted for by Whisky ? A. 70% B.60% C.50 % D.40 %

Ans. B. 60 %

Q3. From which B-School is Mukesh Ambani recruiting an Executive Asst for himself, making it a front page news today ?

Ans. IIM-Bangalore

Q4 Where is the world’s top tech fair CeBIT held every year ?

Ans. Hanover, Germany

Q5. What was the message on the T-shirt that was considered offensive that. Amazon had to apologise and withdraw the same from its store ?

Ans. Keep Calm and Rape a Lot

Q6. Which business family is behind the restaurant chain Punjab Grill which will open Indian cuisine restaurant worldwide ?

Ans. Burmans of Dabur

Q7. What ingredient in Coca Cola made the co chose red as its color ?

Ans. Kola Nut 

Q8. The much maligned IRCTC web-site did a record 5 lakh bookings yesterday. What % of railway bookings are done thru thus site ?

Ans. 48 %

Q9. Which car co would be launching a new model called AMAZE in India soon ?

Ans. Honda

Q10. Which Indian production house has opened a youth films division called ‘Y Films’ ?

Ans. Yashraj Films

Q 11. YouTube is accused of providing a platform to the ‘thinspiration’ community. What is ‘thinspiration’?

Ans. Showing very thin and anorexic women and promoting it as a desirable attribute 

Q11. FM has announced a Women’s bank in India. Which country created First Women Bank Ltd, way back in 1989 ?

Ans. Pakistan

Q 12. The Union FM Chidambaram has announced a Rs 1000 cr women’s development fund called ‘Nirbhay’. Which media house used this name first ?

Ans. Times of India

Q13. Which American retailer is in trouble because of its ‘fair and square everyday’ pricing policy ?

Ans. JC Penney

Q14. Which network has been labelled by WSJ as the ‘ugly duckling of social media’ ?

Ans. LinkedIn

Q 15, The hashtag #inViratsHead is trending today on Twitter. Which brand is doing a teaser campaign using this hashtag on the social media ?

Ans. Cinthol Deo

Q 16. In order that the budget papers are not leaked, where is the Union Budget printed every year ?

Ans. There is a printing press in the basement of  North Block employing 30 people. 

Q 17. As per the Eco Survey, the share of agriculture in India’s GDP is a. < Than 15 % b. between 15 and 20% c. Between 20 and 25 % d. > 25 %

Ans. a. < than 15 %

Q 18. TCS recently made a payment of 30 Mn $ in an employee class action suit. What is a ‘class action suit’ as per US law ?

Ans. A law suit where a large group of people collectively bring a claim to court

Q 19.Name this Indian educationist who has received the first TED Prize of 1 Mn $ for his ‘Hole in the wall’ experiment in Delhi slums.

Ans. Dr Sugata Mitra

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan 

Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/IndiaBusinessQuiz




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